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Thursday 31 March 2022

Classic Dressing - Shirts


Hello ladies!

Let’s take look at shirts worn back in the day, and check out if I’m still wearing the styles today. 

The Crisp White Shirt

Amsterdam, 1973

In my work uniform of top hat, black ankle corduroy skirt and crisp white shirt. 

And now. 

The expanse of white needs to be broken up as we age. 

I can no longer wear a CWS.  As I am larger buster they make me look a bit sergeant major-ish. 

I also believe that as we age the harshness of the CWS needs to be softened a tad. 
A collarless more fluid style of shirt works for the more mature body. 
A lower neckline in-filled with a pretty lace camisole reduces white’s harshness around the face. 

Or seen below, adding a chunky statement necklace also diverts the attention away from the CWS’s expanse of whiteness.  

And if you are on the chunkier side like me, drape a darker cardi over the shirt to reduce the boxiness of a CWS.  Chunky necklace AND cardi?  Well, belt and braces tactics are sometimes called for!

The Man’s Shirt

Feminise a man’s shirt

Copenhagen, 1978

Here I draped a fringed shawl over a man’s pink shirt. 

And I still use the fringed shawl diversion tactic to this day, here softening the harshness of a black linen shift (and hiding bingo wings!) 

The Working Man’s Shirt

Guernsey, 1969

A man’s shirt makes an ideal casual beach cover. 

Guernsey, 1967

Back then, the only way to get hold of a loose fitting working shirt was to steal if off your boyfriend!

Today we can buy “manly” lumberjack shirts cut for the feminine form. 

Above is a selection of loose but more curvy shirts. 
The plaid pattern brings brightness to the face.

The Denim Shirt

Paris, 1974
(There were  no fashion police back then - we freely double denim’ed!)

And now. 

Shackets aren’t just for jeans

I had just the one loose denim shirt back in the day.  Today I have two. 
This is a more fitted style from H&M (Y2K - it was probably Hennes & Mauritz back then!). 
I wear this  shirt as a layering shacket through most of the year.

Worn above with a suede skirt - shackets aren’t an exclusive pairing with jeans, they work with skirts and dresses too. 

And here buttoned up as a shirt. 

Denim shirts work well with white jeans - and here I’m double-shirting too!

My other denim shirt is a loose Levi shirt (1997), here worn under a black v-neck. 

And here again worn over jeans and a white T.   Classic! 

So my loveies, I think this little post shows that those  shirts worn when younger can still look absolutely fine as we line ourselves up for dotage, subject to maybe a few tweaks along the way. 

And in summary, shirt tweaks for today’s wear:
The crisp white fitted shirt - wear a looser softer style and break up the neckline with lace or jewellery; and add a dark cardi if on the chunky side like moi.  
The Man’s shirt - feminise it with a pretty shawl. 
The Working Man’s Shirt - no need to steal from your man these days, buy a more fitted women’s version.
The Denim Shirt - no tweaking required, these beauts still work well as we age, but maybe drop the double denim!

A la perchoine, 
Mary xxx. 


  1. They all look lovely on you, Mary; both back in the day and now. I particularly liked the denim shirts and I wear them under and over things and like a shacket, too.

    I liked the plaid shirts on you but shy away from them myself as with jeans and my short hair I feel they make me look very butch!

    Have a great weekend

    1. Hi Vronni, I get what you mean with the butch thing, that happens for me with certain clothes and I tell hubs why I’m not wearing it - he laughs incredulously, he just doesn’t get it.
      Denim shirts are a real boon to the wardrobe eh.
      Hugs and wishes for a cosy weekend, keep warm, keep safe, xxx.

  2. Love a white shirt, and I have two or three I wear. Nice to see your old photos, love a trip down memory lane! Jacqui x

    1. If you like looking at old photos then maybe you’d like to do what I’m doing right now, digitalising my photo albums - it’s a great excuse to take a trip down memory lane, Jacqui.
      Hugs xxx.

  3. I have a "few" white shirts and I enjoyed your older photos as well! I do love the larger statement necklace and cardi, and think that what goes for white also goes for black- the starkness needs to be offset, you have done a wonderful job Mary!
    thank you for linking!
    jess xx

    1. I hadn’t thought about black Jess but you’re right, an expanse of black can benefit from offsetting too.
      Hugs xxx.

  4. What a fun throwback with these pictures! It was neat to look at them! You have some great points about breaking up all that white. Love the belt on you and that chunky necklace!

    1. Awww thanks Laura, you are kindness itself!
      Hugs xxx.

  5. Love these throwback posts. I can't wear a crisp white shirt either - very matronly. But you show very well how to make it work with some variations. Thanks for linking xx

    1. Thanks Gail, I’m enjoying seeing how they styles still work many decades on. I’m relieved there’s someone else who feels matronly in a white shirt!
      Hugs xxx.

  6. It's fun to look back and see how you still wear and style these pieces today! I think a shirt of any kind will always be a classic piece to have in a wardrobe :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend. We have had a playdate every day!

    Away From The Blue

    1. It certainly gets busy with those play dates eh Mica. Hope you had a lovely weekend despite the taxi-ing around.
      Hugs xxx.

  7. Hi Mary, love all your old photos, very groovy. But then you are a very stylish lady. I particularly like the denim shirt looks with the suede skirt and the checked shirt plus the white shirt with the statement necklace and dark cardigan. I have a ton of white shirts in my wardrobe, plain abd tailored, pretty and lacy Boho, vintage etc. I am not sure if they flatter my shape really but I have always loved a crisp white shirt.

    1. Thank you Alysia, you are very kind. Your collection of white shirts in different styles sounds wonderful and I’m sure you look and feel gorgeous in them. Keep wearing what you love.
      Hugs xxx.