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Monday 13 January 2020

Midwinter Swimming

Boxing Day morning and still with the festive spirit alive and kicking, I donned my fave Christmas hat yet one more time this holiday. 

(Christmas Day photo, with makeup!)

It’s such a cosy and floppy fur hat - and warm.

And I needed warmth as I was going for a swim.  Yes, in December!
Under my quilted parka I was dressed only in my bathers (swimming cosi).
The parka and furry boots stayed on till the last possible moment, when we were called to the start line.  

There are no photos of me in the water -

- perhaps because of the hundreds of bods all splashing about together, or perhaps because of the minor tsunami I created when diving (flopping) into the sea!

And back home, dry but bedraggled and still without makeup , I enjoyed the pampering laid on me by The Photographer for being so brave.  And I pretty much milked it all day!

This is a fun swim held each year down at our local beach, Cobo Bay. 
Last year I agree with my GD that we’d swim it in 2019.  So we did. 
And this old granny’s heart swelled with pride that she braved the cold - she continues to surprise me and I was thrilled to share this step outside our comfort zones together. 

The coldest bit was not the sea, which was really no colder than in early summer.  The coldest (and perhaps most embarrassing) bit was standing at the front of the line of hundreds of swimmers dressed only in my cosi (a black tankini set from Bravissimo, if you’re interested).
And the coldest part of my body?  My feet, enduring a few minutes of cold sand. 

Now, this ain’t no biggie in the wider scheme of things.
Many swim all year round, like the lovely Anna in Tresco and my Instamate
And I get that now.  Swimming in cold sea is exhilarating any time of the year and one comes out feeling reinvigorated.  Fact.   And from my experience on BD it was definitely a case of colder out than in, because the minute or so wait at the start line was the only bad. 
So yes, I now totally get the swimming all year round thing. 

But, baby steps eh.  Let’s start with a seasonal fun swim and see how it goes. 

The conditions were not good this Boxing Day.  Cold, blowing a hoolie and with rain imminent.  So I figured this is pretty much as bad as it gets for winter swimming. 
Would I do it again?

And so exhilarating was the experience that I put together a little fun trailer for you - it’s sub 1 minute so please watch it.

Is all-year sea swimming something you do?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. Well done Mary! We used to have a BD swim for charity here on Worthing beach and I did it twice. I know what you mean about it being exhilerating! I always wanted to be the eccentric old lady who swam in the sea every day (LOL!). The coldest part for me was when we came out of the water and ran up the beach to warm drinks and towels! Happy New Year! XXX

    1. Oh it's a shame Worthing doesn't do it anymore. Probably some towns along the coast still honour the tradition.
      Strangely, I was really warm coming out, chatting to people along the beach draped only with a towel, felt like I could have worked the whole beach dressed like that!
      And we must try to meet up when I'm next in Sussex, probably March.
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  2. Ha ha ha what a hilarious video! Great job. And what a achievement!

    1. So pleased you watched and enjoyed the little trailer, Nancy, it's fun do tongue in cheek stuff like that!
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  3. Oh well done for doing that Mary, makes me feel cold even thinking about it! Jacqui x

    1. Honestly it was just that minute at the start line that was cold. I'm sure there are plenty BD swims along your coast ... maybe next year, eh?!!
      Happy weekend hugs, x.

  4. I would so love to do this, Mary.

    Congratulations to you and your grand daughter on doing it!

    1. I like your spirit, Vronni! I know you like swimming. There may be lake or river BD swims nearby for you to join in 2020.
      Happy weekend hugs, x.