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Tuesday 28 January 2020

How To Style A Chunky Jumper #1

Chunky jumpers are everywhere this winter eh?
They’re the ultimate cosy go to, but I would say go there with caution as they do come with their challenges, namely bottoms!

I've been styling my chunky pink autumn buy these past few months, and it's fair to say I've struggled a bit with its bulk.  So I thought you mighty be struggling too and you'd like to see the formula that evolved through my multiple wears of  the chunky knit.


Yes, what bottoms to wear with such a chunky top half can be a head-scratcher.  
So I’ve been styling my hot pink chunky and so-soft knit from M&S to find out what works.

  And to make this a quick read in your busy day, I've split the styling into bite-sized pieces.  I'm good like that!

It’s all about balance. 
The bottom half needs to offset the bulk on top to give a balanced look so whatever bottom you choose with this jumper, it must be slim to skinny.  So skinny jeans work well, here in a blue dark wash.

Black skinnies look fabulous, obvs - hot pink and black is a classic combo.  And the leather look of these coated jeans works well against this soft knit, providing a nice variation of textures.

Yes, the results of my intensive testing of the chunky reveal that the skinny line bottom offsets the bulk of the top.  Wider trousers would not work as the result would be a very boxy shape which is very unflattering to most shapes, and certainly to mine!

So whatever type of jeans or trousers you wear with the chunky jumper, keep them figure hugging.
Or to paraphrase Henry Ford, you can wear whatever bottoms you like, provided they're black! 

Please pop by tomorrow and see what skirt line I found works with the chunky jumper.

A la perchoine,
Mary x 


  1. That's a fab jumper, Mary, and I loved it with the scarf in particular.

  2. Gorgeous colour - it suits you! Lise