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Friday 6 December 2019

Monochrome Magic - Black

Hi peeps, I’m back with more monochrome!

Day 3 of the #monochromaticme challenge was my day for all-black as it seemed the perfect choice  for my first Christmas 🎄 dinner.   Can’t go wrong with black for out-out eh!!

A “rule” of monochrome dressing is that a same-colour outfit needs a mix of textures for definition and delineation and I’ve noted that the darker the colour the more texture mix is required.  And an all-black needs the texture piled on, which is what I did!

So my all-black outfit textures are:

Knitted dress with sequined shoulders, Monsoon, current
Velvet jacket, M&S, ca. 2000
Textured suede chunky heels, Clarks, 2015
And diamonds! @martinandmartinjewellers .

A slightly glitzed black knitted dress seemed the perfect choice for a December dinner.  Comfort, warmth, no fear of waist discomfort after a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, you get the picture eh?!  
Yet the touch of shoulder sequin gives a subtle glitzing that says “oh yes, and it’s Christmas, don’t ya know?”!

And a subtle draping of diamonds are a girl’s best friend at any time of the year!

A hint of diamonds was just the finish this simple outfit needed.
Black with a touch of glitz.

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

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