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Tuesday 20 August 2019

Off Your Radar

Hi maties!!
I’m still in the land of the living but clearly not in the land of the blogging right now.  Summer holidays, beach, a replacement oil tank, She Shed, and some serious garden landscaping are keeping me pretty occupied right now.

Throw in a storm-damaged pergola into the mix which needed our urgent attention in order to save what was left of the pergola to keep grape vine and wisteria alive.

Our abundant grape crop had to be sacrificed to save the vine itself. 

A new pergola is now queued up as a winter project as we need to wait until late autumn to cut back what remains of the plants in the area. 

So I hope you can understand what’s keeping me quite silent on the blogging front right now.

I leave you with a second pic of our nigh street and town church.

Have a splendid week.
A la perchoine, 

Mary x. 


  1. The summer holidays can be an interesting part of one's year as the most 'fun' happens during this period.
    Performers Academy

  2. Oh dear. I hope the vine and the wisteria survive. We had a recent stormy night which ripped our almost ripe plums from the tree and scattered them all over the garden for the wasps and birds. Sigh.

    1. Yes, on islands were easy targets for the wind eh. Such a shame you lost your plums.
      I had to cut the vines back hard and only leave what the remaining part of the pergola can support until winter.
      Hope things are nicely calm in the IoM now.
      Hugs x.

  3. Good for you for enjoying life and not being tied to the internet and blogging!

  4. You sound super busy Mary. I would have been gutted about that Pergola too. I'm hoping to have something like this built in my new garden when I move xx

  5. Oh what a shame that Pergola was damaged! I understand you have been busy, life is always more important than blogging!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue