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Saturday 31 December 2016

Party Tips

Before I ramble, I'd like to thank you, dear readers, for popping today and during the 11 months I've been Pouting.  
I appreciate the time you spare to visit and the absolute pleasure you give me when you've popped in, and when you follow me or leave a comment - it warms my heart and spurs me on as a blog can be a lonely place :-(.   
The friendships made have been a surprise bonus.  
I am humbled by your support. 
I wish you all a wonderful night tonight, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, and I wish you and yours a happy and healthy year ahead. 

Our recent Christmas Gathering of The Clan was held at Chez Pout.
I'd like to share my preps for the party with you, dear reader.
But before that, let's get the outfit out the way.

I went for total comfort.  A black jersey Rohan maxi vest dress.  Oh how I have worn this dress over the years.  It can go just about anywhere, dressed up, down ... or even sideways!

As it was a fun day, I accessorised with fun necklace and bracelet.  Both made of wood.  Both painted in multi-colours.  Both given to me as souvenirs from exotic places. 
I wear these pieces soooo much, like when we first met here!

But the party was pre-antibiotics, so I covered my neck snuggly with my dependable Zara leoprint scarf.  I think I've made up the word leoprint, BTW.  I hope so.  I think I can safely add that to my "jacardi" in the Pout Dictionary of Words That Should Exist.  But Don't.
Finally, keeping it real and yet in perfect context with the outfit, just a sneak of leoprint pompomed slippers below hemline :-).

And thus, our Pout is ready to party.

Fire lit and coloured lights a-flashing. Front lounge is ready to party.  Hyggeligt, ikke?

Kitchen ready for baking action.

Lemons ready to slide into G&Ts.

Hot drinks area ready for guests to help themselves, as and when

Chairs in place for ladies to place their handbags, a la towels on a poolside sun bed.  Really.  This actually happened.  I wish I'd taken a shot of all the bags positioned on the chairs, "claiming" their spots!

Crisps and nuts dotted around the mingling areas.

Candles lit.

Pout decorated with tinsel by granddaughter, done.

Photographer, as above, done.

Christmas light in its new home :-).
Photographer working on his crossword until the very second the first guests arrived!

Yes, Chez Pout is ready to party!

We had an absolutely wonderful time.  The children had a whale of a time!
It's so nice to see the generations together.  I'm now the eldest.  Ugh!  But it's better than the alternative, eh?

The party was a drinks and nibbles party.  And from it I have three top tips that I would like to share.  They are serious tips.  Don't expect anything witty.  They are sensible tips which may help you when hosting something similar.  Or you may already do these things and I am just incredibly slow to twig!

1.  When serving bought-in frozen party nibbles, take them out of the freezer, cook and serve in batches of one or two differents sorts at a time.  This means that you can gauge what's being eaten and you can stop when it looks like your guests are sated.  Thus, no waste.

2. Use paper plates and cups.  I usually shun them but I tried it this year and used "real" stuff just for serving dishes and wine.  This so worked.

3.  Make your own sausage rolls, with lots of added tastiness.  You get lots of compliments, they all get eaten up = empty plates!

Following those three basic steps, clearing up after everyone left was a doddle.  Just the glasses to wash up (the next day), the serving dishes bunged in the dishwasher and no food to pack up and struggle to find a place for in the fridge.  Simples or what?!

Sis offered to help clear up - I thanked her but told her we'd sort if out.  I am so relieved that I did.  Because having followed steps 1-3, clearing up was but a few moments' work.  It would have been embarrassing having got Sis to help out with such a quick task!

So what about you?  Have you been hosting any parties?  Do you have any time-saving tips to share?

And with this little offering, I thank you for popping in today and bid you
A la perchoine, in 2017!



  1. Thanks for sharing. Your Photographer did a great job. We had everyone here from Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas. I did Charcuterie and made a Pecan pie for Christmas Eve but let the kids do all the other cooking. They liked doing it so it worked for me! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Teresa, It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas holiday, shame I couldn't share a piece of your pecan pie! Thanks for popping in during 2016, I loved hearing from you. See you soon in 2017. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year x.

  3. It sounds as if you had a great time! I did a party for thirty with hot food which was pretty traumatic! Sleepless nights. A great success but never again drinks and canapés next year! Your home looks lovely in its anticipation of guests. H N Y Jeni x

    1. Welcome to my humble blog, Jeni, it's great to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. Hot food for 30 does sound like you punished yourself a bit, can understand the angst. I think I got it just right this year using my new format.
      HNY to you too and hope you pop by again soon.

  4. Hi Mary, Happy New Year, sounds like a fabulous time, isn't it nice to entertain at home? As we are planning on a new build this house isn't really big enough so we went out instead. Your evening sounds and looks great, sound like my kind of night. xx Looking super in your dress too.

    1. Hi Jacqui, thank you and I hope you have a good one too. The house is good for parties but it's old and needs looking after. A new build is perfect so good luck with your search. Then It'll be parties back at Jacqui's eh?!! Thanks for your kind words about the dress. It's served me well.

  5. We had to cancel our planned party becasue I was ill with winter bug.... but I think you read about my pre-bug WI Ladies Dinner where the chicken was off and the cat brought a rat in....

    1. Please see my reply below. New year's resolution, press the 'reply' button!!

  6. So sorry you've been hit with the nasty lurgy too. My party was perfectly timed as two days later I took to my bed and have only surfaced in the last day! How are you feeling now?
    Yes, the rat was especially awful, I nearly fainted when I read your piece. I was traumatised by my mouse incident before Christmas, that was bad enough!!

  7. Thanks for sharing these party tips. Really liked them and would implement these in while arranging my party at venue NYC. Will invite all my friends there. Have taken some décor ideas from internet. Will surely use these ideas to make it fun.