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Monday 26 December 2016

Boxing Day Check-in

Hope you've had a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day!
My Christmas Day with the family was bloomin' marvellous. 

Boxing Day today has been low-key.  I enjoyed a bit of fresh air this morning (lovely day) which shook out a few festive cobwebs, only to return home to hear that George Michael had passed away.  It's been that sort of year.

The day progressed with some audio book listening, a.k.a.  a sneaky  traditional nap to recharge the batteries and culminated in a satisfying surge of sausage roll making.   Yes, that surprised me too!  But, I needed to cross at least one thing off my To Do List for tomorrow's gathering of the clan at Chez Pout and I don't know about your gatherings but ours are usually underpinned by a blast of baking.  So, sausage roll platter - done.  I'll leave the rest of the catering to m&s !

But the day was otherwise chilled as returning cold symptoms restricted us to doing only what was absolutely necessary.
So, no photos!

Does that sound pretty much like how your Boxing Day has panned out?
Or have you been doing much more glam things?

A la perchoine.


  1. Well done you. Your catering is so much more advanced then mine. I spent boxing day on vallium but that's a story :)

    1. So sorry to hear of you poorliness. I hope it did the trick, rest up now, Anna.