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Saturday 18 June 2016

I Love Scandiland - The Homes, The Country, The People

Here's the concluding part of my 2-parter on Scandinavia.  Enjoy!

I love Scandinavia and I've realised that, over time, so many aspects of life there has been imbued into my everyday.

I admire Scandinavian design, architecture, their cosy houses and house décor.
I hope you enjoy my associated series I Love Scandiland, which started here.

We furnished this room with a mix of Ikea and upcycled furniture.

And don't get me started on Ikea! My Big Treat is to wander around Ikea.
Anywhere. Any country.
I drift through the room settings, observe how they function, try out the furniture, take mental note of the designs, the moods created.

Like here in Denmark. 
Left: I love this Strandmon chair. It will be mine! 
Right: I enjoy its café food.  Does this face look happy?!

 Please don't think all this Ikea stuff is sad.  Because it's not.
'Spect Ikea is like Marmite, you either love or you hate it.

I visit Scandinavia whenever I can.

And most importantly, I love being there with my two special friends.

Have you travelled or maybe lived in a country, a city, a region, that you've loved so much that it stays alive in your every day? That becomes a new way of life?

Knus og kram
A la perchoine.

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