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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Take One Grey Skirt

Well, it's started peeps, and I did warn you.  Those berry boots are being worked 

After all our storms, deluges and sea flooding in recent weeks, the golf course has been out of action.  So today I benefitted from this misfortune.  TP arranged an impromptu lunch with our golfing buddy.  Just a meal at our local but I saw the opportunity to try out my new boots with a skirt.

When TP told me we had a date with our golfing buddy, I said excitedly "Yipeeee, something to dress up for!".  He was quiet for a moment and I'm sure I felt the rumbling of his quivering bottom lip, then, rather dejectedly I thought, he said to the cat "Well, mummy could dress up for us too if she wanted ..."

And TP is of course totally right in what he said in his conversation with Bertie.  We can smarten up for any day, any occasion and for no occasion.  I personally feel better when I do.  Of course, my defence was to say that on most days at the moment we are doing dirty work, decluttering the attic or stuffed-to-the-gills eaves cupboards.  So on many days I am wearing ripped jeans or a pair of old leggings.  But on less strenuous days, and especially at this time of the year when we need all the bolstering of ego and id that we can get, it's no real effort to dress up a bit more smartly and feel a little bit better with our day, eh?

But back to the plot, folks.  Dressing the Granny for a pub lunch.  And having fun with those boots!
Today my focus was on pairing berry with grey and seeing where I could take that combo.

I chose a basic grey wool and lined piece from an old M&S work suit.

First I went for an easy look, picking up the colour of the boots in a berry long sleeved t shirt top from Next.  I added a fave scarf from Accessorize, as I realised this grey scarf picks up the berry colour in its pattern.  Good spot, Pout.

I also realised that this old jacket is a perfect match for those boots.  Ooh, everything's coming together now that I've found these bargain boots!

I think the skirt's jacket looks a bit too serious for a lunch at our local.

I accessorised this look with my gorgeous silver and freshwater pearl strands, super pressies from special little people.

The knee boots are just the right length for a below-knee skirt.

I then took my basic grey skirt and poshed it up a notch with an ivory loose-layer top and the same berry jacket.  Looks a bit "workish" for a Monday lunch.

A long cardi in grey brings this blouse down a notch.  Still a bit workish though.

I then made a twinset with the cardi paired with shell top, both cashmere merino from Woolovers.
I pulled out some East necklaces and first accessorised with a chunky one in a similar colour to the boots to tie them in - it's just enough to break up this grey column.  Light touch.  
I saw this combo as a definite contender for my lunch date with the boys.

Lastly, still keeping the look warm and wintry, I simply wore the skirt with a Woolovers cashmere merino polo neck.  Again, I picked up the colour of the boots with an elegant-line glass lasso necklace.

Well, what do you think ladies?  Grey and berry - a success?  I think the berry boots have just the right amount of colour to perk up the sombre looking grey, and they add a touch of class too!

These are very simple outfits but they fit in with my day to day.  
I kept them light touch to showcase the boots.
I liked linking an unobtrusive top to the berry boots then zjooshing with some classy silver strands.
I liked the idea of the grey columns linked to the boot colour with one piece jewellery .  
Keeping the linking of colour to the boots to a simple light touch works for me.  Does it work for you?  Do you link in footwear to necklace and keep the bit in between easy and column-toned?

I have designated 2018 my year of Light Touch and I like how it comes through in these outfits ... and I love my amazeballs berry boots!

Oh and we both chose the berry top outfit (phew!) and I was date-ready.
Dressed up for our golfing buddy, and for TP and the cat.

A la perchoine.