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Thursday, 12 December 2019

What I Wore in November

Firstly, an apology, peeps.  I've realised that all my replies to your comments sent from my iPhone these past few posts have quite simply disappeared into the ether.  I've caught up with them all now though (took forever but soooo worth it).  I hope you check back for my replies, because I do reply ... eventually, but these past few weeks have been a bit of a blip and my lesson has been learned -
Do. Not. Reply. On. Your. IPhone. Mary!

So, let's do my November round up ... whilst we're still in December!

I'll keep my comments brief because I can imagine how busy you are right now.

I had my hair waved for my birthday!
But I just can't get the hang of this flat iron waving.  Can you?

There were some bitter days in the month and I pulled out the big guns, a reversible coat.

It's a charity shop find from last year.  A quality fur fabric one side, waterproof the other.  It's a German make and I think the Germans do this type of coat so well, but you pay for what you get.  I've dreamed of one for years so when I spotted this one with a £15 tag, I pounced!

I cuddled poor old Bertie wearing all-black, not a good idea as he's a long haired breed and boy does it show on black!

Some days were just snuggly walking days wearing a French sailing jacket and walking boots, both extremely old.

But on at least one day I wore a skirt and a proper coat (hooded zipped leather, also really old).

Now, this pink snuggly jumper is new and since the day I bought it I'm finding it a struggle to not grab it as my go-to most days.  Hey, I'm even wearing it now as I write this post!   
So warm, so comfy, and versatile too, so I'll do a separate post on that one soon.

My birthday dress (not suit!).  Black knitted with sequins.  It's been covered on a separate post.

Walking through town on one of our many windy days.  In that coat.

I loved this look.  No words required.  It was sooo me!

Cashmere and coated jeans with a touch of furred leoprint.

Our town church.

Me as an angel.  The look suits me,  yes ?!!

Oh, did I tell you I had prosecco with my birthday waving session?!

Ok, just gotta show you that coat again - and TP loves it too!

Cashmere polo necky thingey, perfect for the month's weather.

Apropos of nothing, flowers in the restaurant I took TP to for his birthday (3 days after mine).  He can be see to the left of the flowers, perusing the menu.

And more cashmere.  'Tis the season for cashmere!

A birthday selfie.  Gotta be done eh?  But it shows the lovely diamond necklace and earring studs I was so lucky to receive to mark my 70th.

Ok, one last shot of that snuggly coat, seen here in our High Street just to show you that I DO take my outfits out-out occasionally.

Ok, I lied.  Teehee! THIS is the last shot of the snuggly coat!!!  

November included the My Partner Dresses Me challenge and I've already covered those outfits previously, yet I'm really surprised how much else I wore in the month (even though That Snuggly Coat has more than it's fair share of coverage !)

Are you on repeat-wear with outerwear now?  
And maybe some innerwear outfits too, like my snuggly pink jumper?
Let me know what you've been wearing, I love hearing from you.

A la perchoine, 
Mary x.