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Friday, 30 April 2021

Joy Seeker

Hello my lovelies!

To say I was super-excited is an absolute understatement.

This beaut on the right came into my world, and with it one mega blast of excitement ! 

I’ve told you previously how much I’m sold on the idea of morning smoothies.  
In fact I was even seen clutching my smoothie bottle in my last post!

I have a Breville blender here in Guernsey and one in Sussex, as I just cannot be without this quick fix smoothie machine. 
Both are pink. 
The pink goes perfectly with the grey and raspberry colour scheme in the Sussex house.
But in the blue, black and copper kitchen in Guernsey, not so much.  

Then this came into my world.   
A version in sexy black and rose gold. 
And it has totally found its rightful place in my kitchen. 

Together with my toaster it makes the holy trinity of black and rose gold kitchen gadgets. 

Now I know this may  does all sound quite shallow and certainly insensitive in the context of our lives right now, but sometimes I need to get back to a simple and shallow place to ground and uplift myself, to find solace, and this discovery took me to that much-needed place.  Momentarily.  So I wanted to share this with you. 

I’m not going to lie, this recent lockdown hit me hard and it’s left me sometimes struggling to feel joy. 
And I’m wondering how you have been faring in lockdown? 
Have you needed to uplift your spirits? 
Does finding a shallow place work for you as it sometimes does for me?

Where do you find your joy?

I’d like to hear of your experiences, if you care to share - I need some inspo because I’m running out of black and rose gold kitchenware aspirations!!

 Meantime, back at the ranch, I’ve been finding joy in listening to this on Alexa. 

Joy Bringer

Hugs, Mary x.