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Saturday, 12 January 2019

What A Pout Wants

The Backstory

Year 2000.  The film What Women Want is released.  The Pout watches it.  Falls for Helen Hunt's wardrobe, especially her beige suede skirt.  The Pout searches one out.  The Pout gets what she wants.  She's loves it, wears it to death then tires of it, packs it away like the loved teddybear of a fickle owner.  
And so the skirt sleeps.  And sleeps.

Year 2018.  The Pout stumbles upon her old skirt.  Puts it in the washing machine.  And awakens her sleeping beauty.

Channelling Helen Hunt

Yes, I've done my forensics and worked out why I bought the skirt and how I got to fall in love with it all over again.

So here's what I've been doing with my laundered suede.

Wearing head to toe soft-tone neutrals.
A simple soft cashmere jumper.  The simple soft suede skirt.

And early one morning and wearing my washed suede skirt in an osteopath's waiting room I realised I was channelling Helen Hunt.  But in an old lady, pensioner way.  I wore a scarf.  Don't think Helen did scarves but older ladies do that, add scarves to everything. 

So having had that HH moment, I did my research and discovered that the film's release date fitted in with when I bought the skirt.

 I googled some images and up popped the gorgeous Helen.

Wearing cashmere and suede, both hugging her super gorgeously toned body.

Elegant simplicity.
I googled some more.  She mostly wore Celine in the film.   Michael Kors was designing there back then.  That's just an aside.

My forensics showed that my HH passion ran deep. 

 Around that time I also bought a black dress very similar to the goddess's.  It's Marina Rinaldi and worn recently here, styled with berry boots.  That's all this classic dress needs.  

And this look doesn't date either.

I'm still wearing  HH's cream cardi/white cami/updo look.

But not the stinkin' high heels.  The other Helen goddess (Miren) calls these her stripper heels, her heels of preference for the red carpet.  That's just an aside too.

HH in pale blue Celine.  

The Pout in aqua East.

Yes, around the same time I bought this linen dress and jacket.
This sleeping beauty was awoken too last year.

As well as noting the huge subliminal influence HH must have had on my style back then, what's also getting through to me from this little exercise is that if you get the right classics, they do not date.  

I recalled that as well as HH's amazing wardrobe, the film had been an enjoyable watch too - no surprise as it was a Nancy Myers film.  I think many many MANY of my all time favourite films are hers.  But I searched my DVD stash and found a gap in my library.  

No WWW in there.  A quick visit to Amazon remedied that p.d.q. And yes, it's still as good today as it was BITD.  A film classic.

Here's a snippet for you.

HH's Influence Lives On

Since  I found and washed this little skirt, I've  worn it in many guises.  I've experienced my Suede Skirt Spring, but in autumn/winter.  So I leave you with a few of the outfits the skirt has sprung up in through the season.

So that was my Suede Skirt journey.  
I got what I wanted and have found the love for it again.  
And I've discovered that Ms Hunt has been so much more than just a skirt to me.
Has any film character influenced you like this?  Perhaps without you realising it? That's something for you to reflect on this cold and wet January!

A la perchoine, 
Mary x.