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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Navy Skirt Gets A Try-On Session

Not 10cc.  15c.  That is today's June temp on Pout Island.  That's after heatwave conditions where I registered 45c on the patio (ok, it is a sun trap so not a true indicator).  Within a minute of sitting here in my little skirt, I have closed all windows and draped a thick cardi around me.  That is how cold 15c feels.

Oh, and did I mention rain?  Yes, the precipitation has brought the temp right down to that shivering 15c. 
So it's raining.  What am I going to do?  Do amazing things to the house, like Janet of thegardenerscottage has been doing?  Nah, can't do that, I've got the builders in and things are stacked up, shoved away (you need to know this for later) and I'm sure the whole house is covered in a little bit more dust that the 1mm I usually having going on at Chez Pout.

So instead of achieving wonders in the house, I did something I've had on back-burner for a couple of weeks ever since I posted pics of my little navy print skirt here.  Some of you lovely readers were so kind to respond to my call for help when I asked what colours I could wear other than the navy tops I'd been teaming it with.  Yes, peeps, today I had a good old try-on.

This was Jean's idea.

Jean came up with grey.

Short grey silk/cotton Woolovers cardi, grey camisole and snakeprint flatties from M&S.
This is what I wore today.  I like it.  The grey blends in with the shading in the skirt.

And here I pressed an effects button instead of "save".  They are right next to each other on the screen.  Bad laptop design.

Anna and Jennie came up with pink.

Limited Collection modal top, pink wedge sandals and a pink/grey necklace, all from M&S.

This felt quite smart casual. It's old but it just may sneak in as Blush?  
I swear I heard this ensemble say "do something  civilised with me, like taking me out to lunch".

Still on pink, a Next cotton top and still accessorised with the pink/grey necklace.
It needed something more.

So I accessorised with a pout to snazz up the look.  (Thanks for "snazz", Janice of theviviennefiles!)

Steph suggested a whole rainbow of brights, which my wardrobe is short on so the nearest I got was her fuschia (M&S).  I felt fresh and vibrant.  I could see me wearing this with my fuschia sling-back heels.

Jennie, Christy and Jean gave me white.

A layered white top, which was a usual panic buy the day before holiday; bought last year for my trip to Denmark.  It didn't come out the case and I still haven't worn it.  I will now.  Teamed with my Next linen mix navy cardi.  This look is telling me that I desperately need some navy wedged espadrilles, n'est pas?

And yes, I missed "save" again.

Nobody suggested duck egg blue.  This is my suggestion to self.  I spotted this one as I was a-rummaging through the wardrobe.  It's cashmere from Jones of New York.  The plait-edged camisole is from my East Aqua period, ca. 2002. 
This combo surprised me, I felt it worked and again the shading in the skirt invites quite a few colours in that area of the spectrum.

 Anna and Jennie's suggestion of yellow excited me.  The colour has really surprised me in the last couple of years.  I like it.  Never thought I would be such a fan.

The vest is a nice thin cotton jersey, so cool in summer.  I love it with a white bottom (clothes-bottom, not my untanned nether region!).   Again, navy espadrilles would finish off this ensemble.

And the bit you need to know about things being stored away is this.  I have an M&S cardi that goes beautifully with this vest.  I hunted high (top shelf of cupboard) and low (floor of wardrobe in case it had fallen off a hanger).  I could not find it, so I think it must be in the upstairs wardrobe.  The builder has declared the upstairs floor a no-go zone, due to him storing precariously balancing big panels of plaster board on the landing.  So, dear reader, you get me in my bare-armed state.  Sorry about that.

I included a blow-up of my head (oh, peeps, please do not take me literally!!).   I thought this shot displays my swathes of grey streaking.  Loving being grey!

But back to our little fashion show.  (Enjoying it so far?)

As a wild card, I brought in this little peplum short-sleeved cardi, a sort of off-white, pale stone sort of colour.  A non-colour. It's M&S Limited Collection and was a find on one of those £5 rails they sometimes have.

I bought it to top summer dresses to hide arm tops.

I don't think I've ever worn it in the 5-6 years I've kept it hanging around.  I will now.
Because I can see it looks cute with skirts as well as dresses.  And I could see it with coloured bottoms too - oh, here we go again - bottoms, as in crops and jeans, not my derriere after exposure to sun during a long sleep on a sunny beach (yes, I have done that!

And just when The Photographer thought his good work was over, I had another flash of inspo.
What about another wild card?!

(Roofer's scaffolding in background)

Let's mix up stripes and floral. Fashionistas do this, eh, so why not The Pout? Quite like it.

What a productive way to spend a rainy June morning!  In my view.
I was able to try out some of your helpful and inspirational suggestions on colour mixes.
I have identified a need for espadrilles, maybe navy.
And I discovered pieces that I am now excited to try out, v. soon.  When the sun shines again.

A Big Thanks to all you lovely ladies who came up with colour ideas.  I still have quite a few to try out.  But I think by the time I got to Wild Card No. 2, I really had tested my Photographer's patience.

So, what do you think, ladies?  Which work?  Any? Some? All?
Could you bring any of these colour mixes to your wardrobe's aid?
I really appreciate your input and creativity and I do love to hear from you.

And as all those fun Looney Tunes films ended, so endeth your fun time today with The Pout, for

That's it, folks!

Oh no, I spoke too soon!  I also found this combo.  Add a denim shirt to the list of looks still to try, folks.

Now, how am I going to sweet-talk The Photographer into taking yet more shots of this skirt  ... ?

A la perchoine.