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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

There's Something About Aqua

Well, here I am, back from my hols and busily dealing with many hundreds of holiday snaps which dear Tresco Anna did quite rightly say are always a challenge for we peeps of a certain age.  But i'm slowly getting there, without too much swearing and storming away from the laptop!

Meantime, I thought I'd share my excitement with you about a certain Next top

(Just got poked on the nose by a rogue grapevine branch)

Each season Next seems to create a slightly tweaked version of this drapey top.
They offer it in a range of colours and prints and I fell for this Aqua print.  I've mentioned it before, but I'm pretty hard to please with prints, so when I find one I love well, I fall for it big time!

(Now keeping face well away from said branch)

No matter what the variation of style and fabric, these tops always seems to fall so beautifully; it's something to do with the weight of the fabric and the cut..   But no matter what magic those Next peeps are conjuring up in their cutting room, when you see these tops on sale, go find your fave and buy it, because they quickly become your wardrobe staple.  Trust me.

(And now fearful of branch invading ears!)

There are certain colours that I find exceptionally fresh and feminine and minty aqua would be one of those colours that works for me, it gives me a lift and a zest for life when I wear it.

I'm sorry that the pics aren't showing the top in its glory,  but what can I expect when taken early evening and in the jungle we have returned to that was the pergola.
(Vigorous garden growth - El Skorchio has left its calling card!)

(Bowing head with caution)

But despite the jungle's shade, I'd still like to point you in the direction of these soft bronze sandals which I bought whilst attacking the Sussex M&S store.  These are soooo comfy and I wore them often on holiday.  They are that special type of shoe that instantly gets me to walk in a slightly sassier way. 
Do you get that with certain shoes?

(Strategic move away from invasive leafage)

We were to eat al fresco and the el skorchio temperatures seem to have dissipated in the last couple of days, so I added a light cashmere cardi, just in case.  I was soooo excited when I discovered that the aqua top went pretty well with this soft duck egg blue cardi from Jones of New York … well, I'd sort of guessed it might when I ordered the top!  I bought the cardi during a touring trip of the South West states of the U.S. 9 years ago. 

(Shame I lost it's classy grey sista  pretty soon after returning home. I have learned that cardis and scarves must in some way or other be tethered to me at all times, for I get carried away with conversations and the moment and the unattached has sometimes stayed unattached forever more.  Boo hooo!)

And yes, my caution paid off, it really was a cardi sort of night out on the roof top deck of Crabby Jacks.  I met with The Sibs and had a great night.

The tempura prawns on a bed of stir fry were delish.

And Sis pointed out that the bracelets went perfectly with the cardi's colour.
I say Cheers to that!

So how's the weather where you are?
My Dutch friend La Duchesse tells me that up to 40c is forecasted for Holland in the coming days.  El Skorchio?  That's El Meltdowno!

A la perchoine.