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Thursday, 4 June 2020

My Happy Dress

Hello my lovelies!

Today I’d like to show you my Happy Dress. 

How can you not feel ecstatically happy wearing a dress simply oozing fruit and flowers.   Tutti fruiti.  Tutti flori.

It’s like wearing Carmen Miranda’s exotic head creation in dress form.
Far safer for a lady who tends to walk rather clumsily.

I wore it last Friday after it was confirmed that the island was entering Stage 4 of lockdown exit. 
The significant of this was yes, restaurants would open and the island economy would get its heartbeat back. 
But it also meant that I could get together with my Sibs again. 
So it felt like a huge celebration and this riotous dress felt apt apparel for the momentuous event. 

Do you have a happy dress or print that you head for when you feel like celebrating?

And for those of youngsters out there who are thinking  Carmen Miranda WHO?!!
here’s a snippet of Carmen wearing her fruit on her head. 

Yup far safer for those around me for me to stick to Carmen Miranda in dress form!

A la perchoine,
Mary x