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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Saturday Snippets - Beauty Must-Haves

HELLO, my sweetnesses, I hope you're enjoying a relaxing start to your weekend.
So it's Saturday, you're cosied up in your PJs, you've grabbed yourself a coffee and you're looking for some light weekend reading.  Well, look no further 'cos here I am with some Saturday Snippets for you!

#1.  Dental Hygiene

Yesterday I braved the brewing storm to pop into town.

It was blowy!

There, safely indoors in my dentist's surgery, I enjoyed my quarterly session with my hygienist, my chum.  You'd think that "enjoy" and "chum" were perhaps out of context here?  Well, wrong!  I've been seeing this particular hygienist for a good ten years now and on a regular basis.  My visits are now quarterly as plaque doesn't clear as efficiently as we age.
As the frequency of visits had grown, so has our relationship.  It's grown into something quite chummy and this takes my mind off what's going on in my mouth!

We have a good old catch-up, then there's that bit in the middle that we can brush over (pun intended!).  At the end of the session she gives me pointers on areas I need to work on, cleaning techniques and the tools to use.
One tool I've been using in recent years on her recommendation is an interdental brush, and my hygienist has commented on how my dental hygiene has improved since using them.

So as we age and our teeth need more attention, a good hygienist and using the tools she recommends are beauty must-haves.

My lovely blogger mate Laurie has written a great review of TePe products.
Do please pop over to Laurie's blog to read up on these most effective little brushes (and her other great posts too!).

A beauty regime stands a better chance of becoming habit with me if it's kept simple.

#2.  Facial Hygiene!

OK, I've cleaned my teeth, now let's clean my face.

I. Swear. By. This.

I've been using this cleanser for about 15 years or so.  It removes all face make up in a few swipes of a cotton wool pad.  Simple and effective.  It leaves my skin soft, nourished, and clean of course.
I don't use night cream, preferring to let my skin breathe overnight, yet I wake up with beautifully soft skin.
When away for a few days some months ago I used facial wipes, to save decanting the cleanser into a 100ml bottle.   I woke up to uncomfortably taut skin.   I think next time I'll go through that decanting malarkey.

I. Swear. By. This. Too.

A squirt or two on a pad gently dissolves all eye shadow and stubborn mascara.  Simple.  Effective.
My eyes don't sting or redden as the product is uber gentle, just as it says on the  tin  bottle.

Both of these products may seem a little pricey but they last for ages, so I'm sure CPU (cost per use) works out very favourably.

#3.  Facial Nourishing

I keep it Simple, quite literally!


Now I can't explain this, but in relative terms I splurge on cleanser and skimp on moisturisers.  That is how it is, I'm a walking, talking, writing anomoly.

I prefer moisturizing gels.  They seem to be absorbed more efficiently into my skin.  Gels leave my skin looking and feeling better, IMHO.  And when I say better I mean it - my skin looks tauter, it's almost like it gets a daily face lift!
But gel moisturisers are difficult to find.  I've discovered gel products in the affordable Simple (!) range.

I've been using this gel moisturiser for a good few years.  Amazon sells them in bundles of 6 (putting it into FREE DELIVERY territory) so at £3.50 a tube I'm left in moisturised skin heaven.
I'm such a fan that I've found myself popping it into pressie parcels!


I use Waitrose Pure eye gel or this product.

It's a gel and I swear it's like giving myself a little daily eye lift too!
And this 69-next-weeker sure needs her daily eye lift!

Simple products are unperfumed and are perfect for my skin, which tends to be on the sensitive side.
If you haven't yet tried the Simple range, or haven't yet had your world rocked by gel products, why not pop over to Amazon and waste no time in putting these products through their paces.

I hope you are enjoying my snippets.  I'm trying to theme them.  Next week I'm tackling cleaning again, but house, not face!

Credit,livingroom. gg

Today the sun is shining and the storm has moved on.  I'm going to enjoy a weekend of yet more cleaning (the house this time!).
But I'll take time out to enjoy a few sunny walks and a Sunday brunch with my lovely family.
I wish you a very pleasant weekend, doing things you love and with those you love.

A la perchoine,