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Friday, 31 January 2020

How To Style A Chunky Jumper #4

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the chunky jumper is what to wear over it.  Because if you're wearing a jumper of this proportion then it's pretty likely to be darned cold outside and the jumper alone isn't going to cut the mustard.


Outerwear is a problem for chunky knits.  The outer layer has to be very thin and roomy to cope with the chunkiness inside.  
1. Because one doesn’t want to double up on the bulk and 
2. The jumper is very warm so the outerwear has by be lightweight to prevent boiling up! 
And there’s a 3. Double thick arm covering means arm movement is akin to that of Hulk or a TV Gladiator.

So this would be the ideal overcoat, colour wise.  But it’s fitted.  I’ve tried it and I look like Pink Puffball Gladiator!

An oversized quilted coat provides warmth outdoors but as it is loose fitting and the fabric is relatively thin, it allows for movement even though my chunky is hidden in there somewhere!

I can just about get away with a thin puffa, but this makes for double-puff and is so much not a good look that it’s best kept off your screens. 

So the chunky comes with a warning, these jumpers add a lot of bulk, obvs,  and that may not be your bag, your jam, your thang.

And there you have my tips on styling the chunky jumper, in bite-sized posts. 
In summary:
How to wear a chunky jumper?
Well, it's all about balance, proportion. 
A chunky top needs a slim line bottom. 
Jeans need to be skinny. 
Skirts must be slimline.
Skirts need to be shorter or longer length - avoid in between. 
And try offsetting the masculine line of the jumper with florals. 

I hope this has helped you style your chunky jumper.
How do you wear yours?
Or have you avoided the chunky style like the plague?

Wishing you the happiest of weekends,
a la perchoine,
Mary x