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Friday, 22 March 2019

Bottling It Up

The Photographer likes loves single malt whisky ... and so do I !!

Not for the beverage itself, which I can't drink for, as with tea, it doesn't reach my mouth because of my retching reaction to the smell!

I love single malt because these beautiful black bottles it sometimes comes in are a gift to the home faffer.  And when the single malt has been knocked back, well, it's a free vase!

I've sprinkled my on-trend black bottles around the house, here above the fireplace in the front lounge, next to my Gran's mirror.

There are some pretty clear bottles to be drained too.  Here, another beauty with fatsia japonica, next to one of my garden's last spring hyacinths.

It's not just malt whisky that provides the homeowner with such bounty.

How about a few sprigs of hazel in a ho ho ho and a bottle of rum?!

This beaut is from St Nicholas Abbey Distillery, Barbados.
I love the simple square shape and the sheer weight of its base makes it the perfect receptacle for tall spindly branches.
I'd almost go back there just for another bottle.   And the content was rather good too 😜!!

These are just simple ideas - taking a striking bottle, drinking it dry then sticking something different in it!

Another way to use up great glass shapes is to create a chalk bottle.
A couple of coats of chalk paint is all it takes, then attach a piece of chalk or a chalk pen to the bottle with string.

A chalk bottle is nice place to leave little messages for each other.  Mary Knows Best is one I pull out of the bag when TP is convalescing.  It keeps him in line!

I made quite a few of these to give as presents, chalking on the recipient's house name for a personal touch.

There are more possibilities that I haven't yet explored that require just a tad more effort (and a fair amount of wine quaffing, it would seem!)

Credit, Pinterest various

By popular demand, the link to the spray paint that can achieve this pretty effect can be found below.

Pinterest is a mind-blowing source of ideas.  People out there are so inventive and creative!

Have you looked at the possibilities of a bottle before chucking it in the recycling?  There are some beauties around.  Think for a moment about giving it a second lease of life before it gets ground up as useful recycled glass grains.

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

I'm excited to see what beauties I can create with this sea glass spray!!