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Sunday 9 August 2020

Crime Scene Investigation?

Hello my lovelies!

Before I kick off today, are any of you using the new version of blogger?  If so, do you know how to change photo sizes? And how to centre text and pics?  I’m struggling. 

Now I don’t know if I should be proud of this or very ashamed. 

The seagulls around here are very hungry this summer.  We think it’s a combo of us now recycling food waste and not eating chips on the beach in lockdown.   Not just me, the whole island!

They steal the chips, swooping down to nick them from your finger, and most people offer them what they can’t finish.   We live on a small island and have to make up our own fun 🤪.

I made a big pasta ratatouille bake a few days ago.  With macaroni.  We don’t like macaroni.  So we only ate it once,  I just couldn’t face any more of that slimey textured pasta in the ensuing days and there was a big tray clogging up the fridge. 

We put it out for the gulls this morning.  30-40 of them swooped, ate and attempted to fly off.  I say attempted because they were flying low on take off, barely missing the house, crash landing on the conservatory roof and one even stopped there to pause for a while, summoning up the strength to take off again.  They circled and returned for seconds and thirds ... 

Each take off was just as laboroured and clumsy as the first.

We fear we have loaded their tummies with macaroni and they’re going to be crashing all around the place!

Unfortunately I didn’t film the event, whether it be a display of kindness or a crime scene.

So ladies, should I be proud or very ashamed?

Exhibit A - a kind gift or the potential murder weapon?

I won’t give you the recipe for fear of this dish potentially harming other wildlife 😔. 

A la perchoine,

Mary x. 


  1. Ha, ha. Very funny. Seagulls here are a darned nuisance so we do nothing to encourage them. Quite the opposite!
    I have always hated macaroni for some strange reason, after all, I love most other types of pasta. Macaroni cheese makes me feel quite sick 🤢
    With the photo formatting on new Blogger, I click, or tap, on the photo and a little sub menu pops up. There should be a plus and minus sign to change the size and another little icon to change the position. Hope that works!
    See you soon x

    1. Oh we're so similar, I feel sick at the idea of Mac n cheese and my son's like that too, since childhood.
      Thanks for the blogger tip, I tried it but with limited success, it doesn't always seem to pop up.
      Hugs and see you later!

  2. Oh dear, very funny indeed. I can just visualise the carnage that macaroni and gulls may bring about! Personally, I would not entertain those cold-eyed birds at any stage... I feel sorry for the mac 'n cheese, to be honest!! Hahaha

    1. So funny Dutchie, feeling sorry for the mac n cheese!
      Hugs, x.

  3. That's too funny about your carb loaded gulls. Years ago my mum baked some rock buns which were so heavy they were fed to the gulls - and they had the same problem! Re Blogger, I use Blogger but I bought a template which does all the photo resizing automatically. However I do use Blogger's dashboard and reverted to the "legacy" version because it's less of a faff.

    1. Oh so it's not just me who carb loads the gulls then!!!
      Thanks for the tips, I'll Insta DM you with some questions.
      Hugs, x.