Monday, 11 November 2019

Hi my lovelies!

Well, yesterday was productive.  I spent all of ten minutes on two whole niggly jobs!

But first, let’s recap. 

Recently I finally got round to painting the back lounge window frame SEE HERE.  I also got round to applying some grey Liberon to the frame on the left of the pic, bringing it in line with the others in the room.  

I then FINALLY got round to replacing a tatty old ivory table lamp shade with a black one, as there are elements of black in the room. 

It smartened up this little area a tad but the old brass base didn’t blend with the silver coloured fittings in the room and the lamp table was tired, but hey ho, thought I. 

Of course I then had to replace the ivory shade on the larger pottery lamp in the same room. And I immediately found that the shape worked better and the black blended easily with the base and the area.  Black is a neutral, after all.  
And they say leoprint is too, but I don't think my home can handle that degree of pattern mixing!

So, niggly lamp shades task, a big fat✅. 

 I was pretty pleased with my quick tweaks.  That brass lamp base was  still niggling me, of course, and the little 80s repro table it sat on wasn’t doing the room any favours either.  But I’d used my last scrapings of the old Liberon jar to paint the frame ...

 Then, eureka!  I followed my own Amazon link and bought a magic pot in the St Germaine colour, a shade which has been a trusty friend over the last twenty or so years.  It arrived in a couple of days!  Good old Amazon. 

And  yesterday I managed to find my ten minutes of Dynamic Me - I slipped on a disposable rubber glove and grabbed the kitchen roll (2 sheets is all that’s needed). 

I rubbed the  cream on the lamp base, allowing some  brass to come through to create a softer distressed look.

A few minutes later and the table was covered a 
light silver grey shade.  Honestly, it’s really that quick - lamp base and table done in under ten minutes.   I ❤️ this Liberon metallic cream stuff.  

I may just paint the red leather insert too but no hurry eh?

So now I have lamp and table that complement the room.  In no more time than it would take to drink a cup of coffee.  
And that’s one of Liberon’s appeals.  No job is too arduous and if you have a spare ten minutes in your busy life, who knows what you can achieve.
It’s the perfect stuff for lazy old me!


And after ... just ten minutes after!

A la perchoine,


  1. Your room looks gorgeous! I could curl up under one of the throws on that comfy sofa or armchair and read or crochet away to my heart's content...

    That Liberon stuff is great. I've never heard of it and if it's quick and easy I'm all for it! I must give it a try.

    Both your projects were great and I especially like your lamp base with the flowers on it; how very pretty. Isn't it funny how a simple change of colour i.e. ivory to black lampshade can make?

    Hope your week and weather are going well.

    1. Thanks for all your lovely comments, Vronni - I'm snuggling under one of those throws right now!
      Hugs, x.

  2. Wow, Mary, loving the transformation on both lamps and side table. That cream sounds fantastic; I had never heard of it either. The result is amazing and so stylish!

    1. Oh Dutchie, thanks so much - this cream paint is revolutionary, do try it!
      Hugs, x.

  3. I used to do crafty things....but that was before blogging. Now all of my free time seems to go into the blog. Maybe if my blog were about doing crafty things my time would be better served :/ I love the quick (and not-so-quick) changes you made with a little paint. Your room is just gorgeous and the pieces turned out perfectly! And I love TP's sketch with the flares :D


    1. Hi Ruth Josey, thanks for popping in. I agree with you that blogs do rather to take control. I'm trying to blog less to free time to get back doing other things I enjoy and furniture revamping is one of those things. Yes, TP looks a great in his flares eh!!!
      Hugs, x.