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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Red Isn't Just For Christmas

Hi peeps, it's getting hot over here, but not in a Nelly way!

I'm talking red hot shoes.

I've been drawn to vibrant red of late and I've observed how shoes drive an outfit.  Red shoes have been driving my OOTDs this month.

But first, let's just deal with the elephant here.  Red shoes.  Do we all know what they are supposed to signal?
Some friends of mine got together over a pair of red shoes.  She was wearing them.  His chat up line was to ask her if it was true what they say about red shoes.  She is French and hadn't heard of  the old myth before.   So, embarressed and uncomfortable, he had to spell it out and now they're married with a lovely little family (See what I wore to the wedding HERE)

So that's got that one out the way.  I'm wearing red shoes, to heck with what they say!

Leather flatties, M&S 

These flatties casualise my posh red linen sheath dress (2002, from Alexon).  Worn with a sun hat and red straw bag kept the vibe easy.
This is my attempt at a sightseeing-in-Rome look, which I shall soon be doing, hence the try-ons marathon I'm putting myself through for the next few weeks.  I'm in a what-to-pack panic!

Switch to wedge espadrilles (charity find).

The heeled shoes immediately push the dress into take-me-out-to-dinner territory.  My Il Ristorante look!

But shoes aren't the only thing at play with a red linen sheath.
A spotted scarf can take the dress to another place.  The 60s!

Headscarves are a big thing this summer and this one took me straight back to the early '60s.  Ladies were smarter back then, eh?

A little cream cardi with red embroidered daisies is a perfect slip on for the evening chills.  Which just isn't going to be happening any time soon - are we loving these hot summer nights, ladies?!!

Yes, things are kinda hot around here right now and it's not all down to the abundance of red in my outfits.  It's stinkin' hot!
So shorts have been high on my agenda.  Not the four inch inner leg shorts, no no, for I accept my legs' limitations.
Knee length shorts work for a lady nearing 70, at least I hope they do!

I've recently ditched two pairs of HUGE  knee shorts.  They'd gone way past 90s grunge, they had become so big on me that they were positively clown-like!!
So it was a relief to find myself with some slim fitting replacements that look a trillion times smarter than my circus shorts.  They have become an overnight go-to.
And because I've ditched the baggies, my world has been opened up to new possibilities for shorts, with styling so far removed from when those baggies drove me towards a grungier look with every single wearing.

And thus my current red shoe bonanza pushed me to posh up my Peacocks denim knee shorts.  I love this OOTD, inspired by my red flatties.  I took my cue from the dark wash to team the shorts with a navy linen shell top (Next), added red and navy necklace ... and a red neckerchief used as a headband!  Am I bang on trend or what, ladies?!!!

So red, there's a lot of it about right now and it's not just restricted to my feet.  I'm quite literally top to toeing my red right now.  I may be turning into a tomato ...

Red isn't just for Christmas.  Do YOU like wearing red in summer?

(Oh and in case it's just a British thing, the myth is "red shoes, no knickers"!)

And on that bombshell, 
A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. Tres chic Mary with the spotted scarf, and the smart shorts! I'd never heard the saying about red shoes. Fancy that! You look great in red and have made me nostalgic for the colour. I may dig out something red for my little mini break in Devon this weekend!

    1. Thanks Gail, I'd love to see some red on you, great with your colouring. Enjoy Devon with your lovely mum,
      Hugs, x.

  2. Loving the red dress, combined with the dotty scarf and the 'peeky-toe' shoes. For some reason I do not like red clothes on me; it just doesn't feel right but I am sure it is an 'all between-the-ears' problem...hey ho. I so love the on-the-knee shorts length these days and your outfit is proof of how flattering this length is for us, wise and somewhat more mature ladies! You are rocking it, Mrs.PP.x

    1. Well the best way to try it out is to pick up something in one of the charity shops over there and if it's a mistake you've only spent a few euros. And glad you agree about the shorts though your fab legs could see off short shorts, no probs!
      Hugs, x.
      P.s. Haven't sent the Bertie guide yet as am waiting to see how his new plan pans out.

  3. I love that scarf in your hair! I wish I could do this look - I cannot keep a scarf in my hair to save my life, good thing it hasn't come to that, huh? You look movie star glam my friend!

    1. Haha, always a hoot, sista! Hairgrips hold the hairscarf in place, go on, give it a try, you'll look so much better than me!
      Hugs, x.

  4. I thought it was 'fur coat ; no knickers'? Anyway, I'm sure you were wearing yours throughout this post!

    Your sheath dress is lovely and what lovely ways you've styled it. The head scarf/band looks great. I think you've got the red dress look totally spot on.

    Now, I haven't worn shorts since the 90s; and have had no intention of ever wearing them again. You looked so fab in your shorts that I might have to consider cutting down a pair of jeans to knee length and seeing what they look like! Thank you!

    The weather is too hot for me and the sweat just runs down my face all day; I can't bear it!

    Hope your week is going well.

    1. Yes I've heard the fur coat thing too and yes, I wore my big girl's pants! Thanks for liking the scarf attempt, so precious to get the ok from you, the hairscarf queen!
      Now I only started wearing shorts a couple of years ago when Muttonyears Annemarie challenged me. So I'm challenging you, start with the knee shorts and you may start working up shorter if you get the bug. Have to say, wearing shorts feels like I'm on holiday. Try them!!!
      Ooh this heat, know what you mean - I melted yesterday and TP found a puddle on the floor called Mary surrounded by the clothes I'd been wearing!
      Happy sunny hugs, x.

  5. Yeah, and now I still don't know what it is about red shoes! But you look fab in shorts, so why don't you join us next month!

    1. It's supposed to mean a girl with red shoes isn't wearing knickers, underwear ... there's a sub-story to it but basically it's our silly humour! Join you next month for what? Confused.
      Hugs sweetie, x.