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If not now, when?

Monday 4 February 2019

I've Found My "!" - The Musical

Well!   (see, it's back.  My "!" !!)
Yes indeed, for I have been grateful and often deeply touched by your sweet comments left on my earlier post.  So I thought it best to write a little (or a lot as it turns out!) about what you've said and what's hit home with me, rather than to go in long detailed individual replies which may sometimes repeat themselves.
TP tells me this is a lonnng post.  My indignant response was that this is more a note to self, but I hope you take the time to skim  through just to see if our hymn sheets are in sync.  And I've thrown in some music to ease the pain!

It's not just me, it's most bloggers

The thing that comes across time and time again from comments is that most bloggers go through this feeling of doubt, this should I stay or should I go" stage. 

 Personally speaking, Bloggers' Block isn't the issue for I have literally a ton of drafts of ideas for posts I've accumulated.  I think it's more down to time and my retired person's sense of life being  a dwindling finite commodity.

So thank you fellow bloggers for sharing your own experiences here -  that it's normal to have doubts.

How am I doing?

I don't monetise this blog so can't measure my "success" in terms of £.s.d.
My only measurement tools are comments and post views.  If they are not robust then I get the feeling that I really am just talking to the ether.

So I have to ride the storms and not get too bogged down with the numbers, I guess.

Break from "fashion"

Some have suggested taking a break from the clothes posts.  One key driver of my blog start up was to improve my outfit choices on a day to day basis.  Instagram has in a way taken over the role that the blog had so maybe now is the time to get back on track with my original "visions" for the blog with more variety of subjects relevant to a mature lady's life.
Though in case you're wondering, I still have plenty ammo in my wardrobe to shop it ad infinitum!

So the disciple of putting my daily outfits on a public platform works for me but maybe I can now make the blog less clothes-centric.


Laurie mentioned that I haven't written a beauty post for some time.  Oh how I am aware of this but time, inclination and technical challenges have prevented me from giving these ideas legs.  But I will, and soon!

So beauty posts ideas are there and will soon be rolled out, my dears.


Within a few short weeks of writing posts I realised that a surprise dividend was the writing aspect.  Duh!

I loved English and essay writing at school and in another shape that continued as my career grew. The writing stopped when I myself stopped working so the blog quickly filled that void again and I have ideas on other directions I can take this.
You seem to like my writing style and my, er, wit, so I'm pleased that I can sometimes bring joy and a fit of giggling to your day!

So writing needs to stay with me in whatever form I come up with going forward.


I won't dwell on friendships too long.  That's another surprise dividend of blogging and I am so grateful for all the friendships I have built up through this page.  Blogging friendships can only be created through reader's  comments, so I would encourage finding a few minutes to leave even just a line after reading a blogger's post - if nothing else than to let the blogger know someone's out there!

So the friendship of blogging is something that has immense value and I'd love that to continue and grow.

Posting regularity

I play around with various patterns of regularity but consistency is not my bag, not my jam.  If I monetised the blog, that would need to change.
I fear writing less frequently would result in a most unwieldy post for you to read and comment on, so perhaps this isn't the route for me.

So I think I my current level of two posts a week works for me and I hope it works for you too.


A few of you have mentioned that I've been "killing Instagram" since my August debut - I'm taking that as a compliment!

There are many negative aspects to Insta which I won't dwell on here.  The positives are few but of great value, like the discipline of taking daily photos, feedback is practically instantaneous (duh, Instagram, the clue's in the name?!) and it's relatively quick to post.
And apparently some of you enjoy seeing me pop up there each day!

So I'll keep up the Insta during this transition and for the foreseeable.

Out and about

Many of you gave me the welcome feedback that you enjoy my out and about posts.  I haven't been out and about much this past year as what with TP's health problems and an ailing cat, holidays and the like have been near non-existent. 
But you seem to like posts of my outings on my local turf and spring is just around the corner ...

So I thank you for showing that you enjoy this type of outing post and I'm on the case peeps!


Some of you mentioned your interest in food posts, restaurant visits, etc. and I'd like to get back on track posting some recipes of my favourite dishes and meals to aid another project, so I'm seeing synergies here.  I've rather blocked out thoughts of yummy food in the past six months in order to lose weight, to be honest.

So I hear ya and I'm with you, I will return to my core need to post more recipes and food-related posts.


A few have suggested homey stuff and that is right up my strasse (is it a girl thing?!).  My home is not anywhere close to social media perfection!  But for some time I have been aware that I've neglected my home and if this blog had been so good at improving my daily dress then this (or another) blog could surely do the same thing in upping my game, housewise.  I have a few projects bubbling up right now!

So again, increasing the posting of home-related stuff is something I definitely want to do.

Island Life

A few readers have expressed an interest in my island home.  I drafted some rough posts about Guernsey last year.

So, I hear that you are interested in where I live and I'll work at giving those drafts some teeth.

And phew, you know I think that's it!
My declaration of a lost exclamation mark has turned out to be one gigantic fest of feedback and ideas.  My grouch has turned into a readers' survey - my sincere thanks to all who contributed.

I hope this post doesn't come across as egocentric,  it's not intended that way as this blog is a two way experience and I'm grateful that you chose to tell me what you'd like to see on this page.

I get the feeling that we are singing from the same hymn sheet on what interests us and what we like to see and read about.
And taking a line from Bridget Jones, you seem to like me "just as I am"!

And awww heck, I just can't resist this one either - 

Thank you ❤ and a la perchoine


  1. I love reading your blog, so please don't stop! Yes Instagram is more instantaneous, but I prefer blogging if I am honest. I would love to see more of your lovely island, and your out and about posts! And yes! to lifestyle posts! I like blogs that are about someone's life, it feels very friendly. XXX

  2. Mary, this post brought tears to my eyes. I don't know why. Probably because I feel like you just said everything I was thinking. I don't think anyone who is not of a certain age understands the part about life being a finite dwindling commodity. I already miss blogging, and especially the friendships, but so glad I can continue to get my dose of your wit.You really do have a gift, and it does not need to be confined to fashion. Thanks for a really well-thought-out post. And I encourage all your readers to share comments as much as they can. I think the main reason I stopped blogging is that I felt like "no one was out there." Look forward to reading all about your adventures!

  3. Good to know we all have the same feelings Mary - but carry one I for one love reading and hearing from you. At the end of the day we are all doing it for ourselves! I look forward to reading more about your days. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  4. Your blog has made me laugh out loud on some otherwise gloomy days (declining health, eyesight, mobility). I wish the outfit photos were clearer, but your writing is the real attraction. I appreciate the glimpses of beautiful Guernsey and your travels. I hope you will continue blogging. You really have a gift!

  5. Hello Mary. I have been following your blog for quite some time but it seems that my browser settings have not allowed me to add comments until now, not for want of trying several times! I really enjoy reading your posts but would say that I enjoy the "fashion" posts most as I am trying to adapt my style to my newly retired lifestyle. You have given me much inspiration so I would be sad if you discontinued those posts. I know you also post on Instagram but, each time I click on your IG link or search for you on IG I am told that you do not exist! Not sure what the problem is there?
    Anyway, please keep on blogging. JC

  6. So glad you know where you're going, Mary. A very well considered post.

    As you like writing so much have you thought about doing a creative writing course? The OU offers one - it's worth 10 credits towards and undergraduate degree. I did the course the year before I retired (2013) and enjoyed it very much. It's part time and you do it from home with tutor marked assignments and feedback from your peers....

  7. I love your writing style and I hope you don't take a break from fashion posts. I always think it is fun to see how people wear their clothes and mix them up from day to day!

  8. I like you am a amateur blogger. Not here to make money but friendships. I hadn't realised you were an islander of Guernsey and so would love to read more about your beautiful island and how it is these days as my parents brought ne there twice a year for as long as I can remember for our holidays. It has now been 12 years since I last visited. So my request is please tell and show us more about your beautiful island. Love - Jill stylishatsixty x

  9. Oh how I love The Clash!!! I think blogging is a fun and creative outlet but it can take on a life of it's own and become a time sucker. I am struggling with that now. I can't keep up. I guess we all need to realize that this is the only job that we truly get to decide what we want to do, how we want to do it, and when we want to do it. It is hard for not to compare my blog to others and realize what I need to do but at the end of the day I need to unplug and get away from the internet and live in the moment. That means I may not see the monetary success of others but I will survive and remain sane!

  10. Mary! You are a true light and I just know that whatever you bring to the table through your blogging platform is going to be spectacular! I love your writing so I love everything that you do and I especially love when you write what’s in your heart. You are so witty so funny and so incredibly sweet! You know I wish you nothing but success but I can tell you there are often days I think about walking away from this whole blogging thing. It can be overwhelming, it can be lonely at times and it can be difficult but just know if you are doing amazing!

  11. Hi Mary! I never add comments but I have to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. Yours is the only one I really enjoy these days (and I've subscribed to a ton). I not only love your fashion sense, but I've actually shown my hairstylist a picture of you and asked for your hairstyle -- yep, you brighten my day. FYI, I'm a 53 year old English teacher from Savannah, Georgia, USA -- that's how far away you are reaching folks. Please continue blogging -- I don't know what I'd do without the "pouting pensioner"!

  12. The people have spoken and you are loved and valued...I think that's the take-away here precious Mary!!!! So much good food for thought. I know I for one struggle weekly with what I'm doing blog wise and should I continue, but the friendships keep me going. Love you sweet lady!!! XOXO