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Tuesday 27 February 2018

I''m Having A Snow Day!

Yes, the Beast From The East has finally arrived and I'm having a Snow Day!
A few flurries of the white stuff descended on us yesterday evening.
On awakening this morning I ran hurriedly to the bathroom.  No not because of a senior bladder moment.  I ran excitedly, as a child would, to look out of the bathroom window.

The frosted up window bodes well.

And yes there is a sprinkling of snow.
But hardly beast from the east stuff.

I excitedly phoned Son and yes, the schools were closed as heavier snow was forecast for later in the day.  Goodoh, this day has all the makings of a Snow Day, so I declared it mine too.

So, what springs to mind?  What to wear, of course!

The beast we've been entertaining this past week has manifested itself in bitterly cold but dry and sunny days and I've been dressing up snuggly.

But after seeing what was out in my garden, I realised something seasonal was required for today's dressing.  Something with snowflakes and little crystal embellishments giving the appearance of scattered snow, methinks, like on this jumper from George.  Some jumpers just look warm.  This jumper IS warm! I wore it with grey camisole, jeans and scarf and of course the furry boots had to come out to snow-play too.

Dressed snuggly I ventured outdoors.  Hmmmm, still not much snow.  TP said that the Scandinavians, who have kindly sent us this weather, would be sniggering when they saw this.

But I dashed around the garden snapping so excitedly.

I was like a kid in a sweet shop   Snow-Pout with a camera.

OK so this is a bit embaressing and here I have to fess up.  Yes, I haven't de-headed these hydrangeas!  Oh the shame.

No toasty tush to be had sitting out here today

No leisurely breakfast under the pergola either.

And even the birds haven't come out to feed.

Yet as soon as I stepped back in the house, this little robin did indeed come out to seed-up for his Snow Day.

I really was like an excited kid.   Snow is a rare occurrence over here, here being an island surrounded by salty air which usually breaks down any lurking snow.  
I've been excitedly following the snow forecast for days.  TP spent many years on Dartmoor so he sees snow as a general inconvenience and has ignored the forecast, that being one snowflake's worth for most of the day and a whopping two snow flakes at midday.

But all I saw outside was just a sprinkling of snow on the ground and the occasional falling snow flake.  Not very beast-like.  Not like the blizzards currently gripping the unfortunate UK right now.
I looked out the window expectantly.  I looked at my watch aggitatedly.  11.35am.  Hmmn, according to the forecast we're due two whole snowflakes at 12pm.  It'd better up its game sharpish.

Well, the weather must have been listening in on my conversation with TP because about two minutes later a few bigger flakes started falling and within 5-10 minutes the snow was falling in an orderly Beast From The East fashion.

It started to get atmospheric.

The outside boiler's steam was blasting through the ice-cold air.

I thought it looked quite ethereal.  Or a bit Dr Zhivago, steam train on icy St Petersburg station.

So as I type, it's now snowing in a less wimpy fashion.

There has been a flurry of activity in Bird World after the snow started to fall proper.

Emergency tree meetings have been held.

They must be tweeting their game plan.

This great tit's plan seems to be to nip out to the "shops" to stock pile on seed before the snow fall gets too heavy for his little wings to carry him.

 Yup, this day has all the makings of a Super Snow Day.
I'll share some snowier scenes with you tomorrow.
And yes, as you can probably tell, I am super excited today.  My excitement is child-like because we Islanders don't see much snow -  but 3-4 cm of snow has fallen!

I've just heard that a severe weather warning has been issued.  Islanders have been advised not to leave their homes unless their journey is absolutely necessary.  
Those in the UK have been told they will need a big coat.

Yes, we don't get much snow over here ...

A la perchoine.

P.s.  If you want the statistics on how excited I am about snow, just count how many "excited"s (or derivatives thereof) there are in this post!


  1. I hope you enjoy your snow week...

    We had flurries yesterday and today and then when I went out to do some errands got caught in a 10 minute blizzard...

    That's it so far!

    1. Well I hope you dressed for the weather this time - I'm still worrying about your poor knees in that skirt.
      Dress warm and stay indoors if you can today. Hugs, x.

  2. Living here in Oz I have never seen snow so I can understand why you are excited. I would be too. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Oh Pieta, you're going to have to give yourself a snow break sometime ... how about NZ's South Island, Mount Cook, in winter, it's mega! Hugs, keep cool, x.

  3. It's good to hear that someone else gets excited about the snow and doesn't moan about it! I love it too, although I ave to go into the city today and I know there's going to be delays to our transport. I think the skandies would snigger at that too. I hope you have more snow this morning like I have Mary? Oh and the Hydrangeas? get them indoors to dry and lightly spray paint them. They can look good.
    Laurie xx

    1. Phew! Someone else who actually gets excited about snow. Yes, it is disruptive but it does sprinkle it's white magic so prettily. Dress warm today, walk carefully, carry some water and take yourself to a Zen place during the delays. I won't be going far, though the roads are clear here and no snow is due today, just lots of sunshine. Tomorrow could go either way, either lots of rain or a mega blizzard.
      I've only dried hydrangeas so thanks for that tip,I think I've got some spray silver somewhere.
      Hugs and safe journeying, x.

  4. We haven't had much snow for 5 years nbut now we have a few centimetres. I'd be excited if it wasn't for my oldest driving to work and our party on Saturday. I've ordered a food delivery from Iceland now. I know, the irony 😊 btw I think the hydrangea looks great with dried flower heads.

    1. You must have the same as us but we're supposed to get walloped tonight/tomorrow. Yes, Miss 22 driving in these conditions must make you edgy. Fingers crossed all will be well for Mr Him, so sorry we couldn't make it but we have our own special birthdays going on here! Wishing you all a fab time. I bought some spray paint at B&Q today and am going to have a go with those hydrangea heads per Laurie's suggestion.
      Happy, happy, happy weekend, x.

  5. How exciting!!! Needless to say I've never had a snow day but boy that sounds like fun! I imagine I'd be all snuggly by the fireplace, sipping coffee or tea and eating something yummy. Of course I'd be all bundled up in a sweater, leggings,and thick socks!
    Instead we are having a high of 89 degrees tomorrow which means the A/C will be running non-stop! Buggers! (how was that for my Brit-speak?)
    Love ya sweet friend!

    1. Oh are you looking at me through webcam?!! I am doing ALL of those things at this very moment! We've just thrown another log on the fire and all is very cosy. We're due some sort of blizzard overnight, but just a small wind change could change all of that.
      Enjoy you AC Day tomorrow! OH and I am loving all your Britness (the word doesn't have an "s", BTW but you're doing REALLY well and used it totally in the right place!)
      Hugs, oh and my cat says Hi to you, he's by my side on the sofa (he loves the fire!), x.

  6. Yes we have had some heavy snow showers here but the sun is out and melts it, then we have a bit more but it is -6.5c now so will freeze tonight. By the way I have just received my DNA results, I am 51.8 English 45.6 North/West European a little Eastern European a little Nigerian and a little North African bit of a surprise, but thought I might have French there as my surname used to be Norman!

    1. We're not used to this cold weather, eh Polly? So excited about your DNA. Is that 51% Briton? The French may be tucked up in the Western Europe. I really must get round to doing a post on this.
      Thanks for popping in on this cold night. Keep warm, x.

  7. I hope your flowers survive this snow! Your garden looks so beautiful. You should do a garden post when the weather warms up!

    1. They're robust, they'll survive. However I don't think I'd survive the shame of a garden post! So much needs to be done. I keep suggesting we get a gardener in to do a big tidy up, as we did a few years ago after TP had been ill, but TP poo-poohs that suggestion!
      Hugs sweetie, x.