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Saturday 18 November 2017

How to Milk A Birthday

Hi dear readers.  Hope you are having a super weekend.  Some of you may be tearing around in pre-Thanksgiving  preparation, some may be taking a breather before Christmas prepping starts in earnest.  Whatever you're doing, hope your staying warm and healthy.

I've been enjoying some nice times.  Like a birthday!

Exciting presents to open.

The anticipation of discovering what's inside a prettily wrapped package.

An "oooh" as I recognise Clarins red.

Look, a super Clarins 12 days chest filled with goodies!

Another package revealed a beautiful long silver necklace from two very special little people!

These are just a snapshot of the lovely presents I received from loved ones.  Birthdays ain't bad eh?!

Birthdays are fun.

I don't care that I'm a year older if this is how it feels.

I wore a Zara top.  Zara calls it a dress, albeit a very short one.  On dinky old me, it's a very long shirt.  Here I am showing you another of my lovely presents, a very special locket.
This pic is fuzzy, taken with a smart phone.  I must take some better pressi shots shortly.

I was so lucky and grateful to receive such beautiful cards, presents, phone calls and messages from the lovely people I am so thankful to have in my life.

Next day on my Boxing Birthday (oh yes, my family knows how to milk a birthday!), I was invited round to a friend's house for coffee and scones, and yes, more pressi giving :-),

I wore a grey jumper/dress - yes, intriguing eh?  More on on that in an upcoming post.
And I pulled out a few more of my Last Chance Salon items.

These grey trousers are a beautiful hanging weight with cute leather-trim pockets, but they are boot cut and boot-cut stumps my dumpy legs.  So I don't think I've worn them during the 7-8 years I've had them.  They are now part of the LCS programme and I'm going to see how I get on with them.

Of course, I couldn't wait to wear my silver necklace from the GKs.  It's so perfect, just the right length. Yes, I don't just layer pearls; layered here with my brand new silver necklace and an old leaf pendant; more on that in another post too.

Don't know where you're at colour-wise right now, but I'm very happily stuck in a grey and wine groove.  Here a wine-coloured leather bag from 2002.  Have you been trying out wine with grey?  And I'm not talking spillage down your jumper, okay.  I'm talking real wine colours, deep burgundy through to light Beaujolais Nouveaux.  Basically, any red that looks drinkable.  So rich-looking for this time of year.  I'm liking the combo with grey, with black ... I'm even contemplating brown and green!

As Janice of The Vivienne Files told me, I picked the right season to fall in love with this rich colour.

What do you like pairing wine with?
And I know I'm laying myself open to the "cheese" response!

I bought the shoes at the same time as the bag, for an autumn wedding.  Only fitting I pull them out now during LCS season.  Oh and they're pointy, something I'm seeing a lot of online right now.  Yup, keep 'em for 15-20 years and they'll be back on-trend again.

A friend at coffee suggested taking in the trousers.  Despite seeing lots of boot leg and wide leg trousers and jeans around right now, I'm not a slave to trends (as is blatantly obvious!) and if the trousers just plain don't suit my body shape, they really should be for the chop, eh.  Agreed?

Threw over a grey/black/mauve poncho - yup, this is to autumn what the cardi is to summer.  Totally unnecessary.  This poncho stayed in the car whilst I coffee'd and chatted with my friends.

And there you have it, dear readers.  What I did on my Birthday ... and my Boxing Birthday.

I didn't like having a November birthday when I was a child.  I felt I'd drawn the short straw.  All the summer birthday children had fun parties on the beach with swimming and rounders and picnics.  Mine was not a birthday that reaped many parties.  I made up for it when I got older 🎂🎈🎉.

No matter which time of year birthdays are celebrated, no birthday is complete without the blowing out of a candle.

And an added bonus, you get to hear me speak a snippet of Portuguese!

So, how to milk a birthday.  Give yourself a Boxing Birthday, oh and we sneak in Birthday Eve too!

Birthday photos by a Guest Photographer, a.k.a. our lovely granddaughter x.

A la perchoine.

(How am I doing, Vronni?!)


  1. Happy birthday and I love the grey and wine together. Your birthday gifts are lovely. I love birthdays too even though it means I'm getting older. Friends of mine milk theirs out to a birthday week when they decide what is going to take place during the week. Could be 7 dinners or movies etc.

    1. Thank you so much, Pieta. Oh my goodness, 7 days of milking is going to drain the poor birthday cow!! I had a row of dinners last autumn during our food tennerfest and near the end I just wanted beans on toast and the telly. The Pout party animal has definitely left the building! Hugs, x

  2. Very many happy returns to you. You looked fab as ever and I love your presents. Birthdays are fab so glad you had a good one with those you love. Birthday wishes Sue H xx

    1. Thanks, sweet Sue. Spending time with those you love is the best gift of all. I also spent time with my sibs during the day, so the whole day was pretty darn perfect.
      Hugs, x

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Your trousers look terrific just as they are! I especially love them with those wine colored shoes! Yep, totally understand regarding having a November birthday, mine is December 12th. At this age (60) though, I'm so very grateful to be happy, healthy and strong. That's a gift in itself!
    Love your Blog,
    Renee in Northern California

    1. Hi Renee, so you think the trousers are OK? I'm going to have to give them more try outs then. Aah, another winter birthday gal, here's wishing you a very happy birthday ahead. And yes, birthdays ARE better than the alternative! Hugs, x

  4. What a blessed birthday you had my friend, obviously you are very well loved and isn't that such a nice feeling? I know some people don't care to celebrate birthdays but I sure do. I think it's a great time to realize how grateful we are that the birthday person was born. I usually write something to that effect in birthday cards, you know the impact the person has had on my life. Cards are my favorite part of the birthday, especially when there's a handwritten note inside.
    Your special little ones did a nice job with the beautiful necklace and I love how you layered it - trendsetter you! That Clarins chest of goodness looks like it will keep you busy for awhile too. Those who love you most nailed it in the 'pressi' department!
    Now let's talk about the grey trousers. I say send them on their way. Your petite frame calls for something slimmer. Am I ever impressed with the pointy toe heels! I could NEVER wear them but my heart LOVES them. Ooh la la birthday babe. Oh yes your Zara top/dress is so pretty! Two thumbs up!
    Thank you for including a little birthday candle blow out video. I need to learn how to do a video to include in a post, it's nice to hear an actual voice, right? Yours is lovely by the way!
    Well, I'm off now to rouse the troops and get the Christmas decorating started!

    1. Yes, I do feel loved and I guess birthdays remind us of that. Spooky, as I sit here replying, my stack of cards is at my side ready to send thank yous. I appreciate them.
      Well, part of my LCS programme is to work out WHY I don't wear some things, and I do think the trousers are too baggy. Thankful for all the Rohr thumbs up.
      Yes, a voice thing is fun to do. Must try more. There's a button to the left of the images download on blogger, but I think you don't use that 'cos I have just discovered how to G+1 posts and I couldn't find that widget on yours.
      You American ladies are light years ahead of us in Christmas decorating!
      Wishing you a perfect pavilion prandial experience tomorrow, x.

  5. Happy Birthday. I'm with you on the trousers, I don't like mine to be "baggy" altho my "style adviser" said to wear boot cut as I have short legs, I think they are not so bad if they are slim fitting thro the top of the leg.

    1. Thank you so much, Polly and thanks for your view on the trousers. Yes, when you told me that the stylist recommended boot cut I immediately thought of these grey trousers and did reply saying I thought that wasn't a wise direction to go in. Jeans are probably a whole different ball game, because of the cut.
      Thanks for popping in, hugs, x.

  6. Happy birthday ! I may be the odd woman out but I liked your gray trousers just as they are ! I would keep them. And the shoes, oh my goodness I just LOVE them. I can rarely wear a pair like that unless I'm going out and know I don't have to walk much, I'm 60 years old and my feet are a mess but I miss being able to use those type of shoes daily! Good for you! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

    1. Thank you so much, darling Teri. Oh heck, dilemmasville, you like the trousers. And just when I resigned myself to ditching them!
      The shoes are rather sassy but like you, I have to careful when I choose to wear this type these days. Oh, the trials and tribulations of growing old!
      Wishing you oodles of cosy moments with your loved ones tomorrow, Hugs, x.

  7. Happy Birthday! I am a November baby as well and it's not the best time of year in the northern hemisphere for a birthday is it? However, we have to be grateful for being who we are and enjoying another birthday. Love your outfits. Not sure about the wider leg pants on you, lovely look but maybe doesn't help if you want the tall and slim look, however, they do look good so give them a few more outings before making a decision. Adore those burgundy shoes. You will have to find other combos for those. Thanks for keeping your humorous and inspiring posts coming.

    1. Snap, Christy. Scorpio? Happy belated/future birthday! And yes, a November birthday isn't the best but it really is better than the alternative.
      Yup, anything that helps create a tall and slim illusion is fine with me, but I will give those trousers a few more outings.
      I am so flattered you find my posts fun and inspiring, so nice to hear that just being myself produces that!
      Happy thanksgiving, hugs, x.

  8. Well Happy Birthday sweet Mary!!! What a fun celebration you had. I love your Zara dress and the sweater. You are just as cute as can be. Keep the celebration going. XOXO

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and greetings, cutie. We DID continue the celebrations - The Photographer's is three days after mine!
      Sending you hugs for tomorrow, x.

  9. Congratulations for your birthday! I love your dress, it has a lovely floral print. And I also love your ensemble mixing gray with burgundy, it's always a mix of success.

    1. Gracias, muy bondodoso. Glad you like the dress, I think Zara is a Spanish brand and it has so much style about it. Abrazos, x.

  10. Happpy belated birthday! It was fun to actually hear your voice. I have a few of the pointed toed babies lying around to. So you think we can wear them again now? That would be so nice.

    1. And belated thanks from me, Teri! Really must try doing a vlog as I think hearing the voice behind the face helps get a true feel for the blogger, no? I will definitely be wearing my "points" again as I am late at the party but realised from that post that a bold coloured shoe works wonders with an outfit. Hugs for tomorrow, x.

  11. Fab photos!

    Happy belated birthday, Mary! And boy what a way to milk it!

    I really liked you in the Zara top - a bit of colour sneaking in there... I do think a tunic top and trousers/jeans is a good style for women of our shape and is easy to wear and dress up or down as the occasion demands.

    I have read that boot cut trousers are good for women of our shape (apple - would you concur with that?) as the flared bottom balances out our larger top half. I have some boot cut trousers and wear them and some very loose style trousers and wear those, too. I've given up skinny jeans as my legs are too chunky and opted for straight leg jeans instead. I think the grey trousers are fab and they look great on you. Love the wine with grey; a brilliant combination!

    What wonderful presents and goodies you got; undoubtedly deserved!!

    1. Thank you, my darling, we've got to make the most of birthdays at our age, eh?!!
      Well, Polly and I have been chatting about the boot cut as it is supposed to work for our body type but it doesn't work for mine! But I'll not give up the ghost yet on these, I'll try to "get" what the experts say. I think what works for MY legs is a maxi skirt!!! You always look so lovely in your tunics and looser bottoms and you have lovely legs so I'm sure you'd look great in skinnes, but we wear what makes us feel comfortable in our skin, eh?
      Hugs my love, x.

  12. Happy belated. I've missed your posts in my doldrums. Just getting into blogs again as my head comes out of the fog. I enjoyed your birthday. I'm striking a deal and you have them for both of us in future please. Glad you are uploading videos. Fun isn't it. I'm wearing boot cut jeans today and said on IG that I'm not feeling the love. I also am chucking them. Mine are baggy and misfitting and too long. We must be brave and let's ditch.

    1. Thanks so much, dear Anna, and I do hope that your days are getting that little bit better.
      Your deal sounds good, double the cake :-).
      I think that boot cut only work if the thigh is a shapely cut, sounds like they aren't for us.
      Oh to be brave, though this morning I'm finally facing up to my cosmetic accrual situation. More on that shortly.
      And yes, did enjoy posting that brief video, must try to do more.
      Hugs, sweetie, x.