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Sunday 1 May 2016

My 18-Piece Wardrobe #1

The lovely Janice of The Vivienne Files recently wrote this piece about an 18 piece mini-capusule wardrobe.  It appealed to me, as I could see how it could reduce early-morning stress and save time.

So, Friday, I selected my pieces for the next 10 days with a little faith that the weather here just has to warm up.
I chose light and some bright colours and some navy and grey for cooler days, just in case. 

As Janice instructed, I allowed these 18 items to hang on their own in the wardrobe.
It all looks so neat and organised in there.  A first!
So I can see benefits straight away.  I'll keep you posted on how I get on, starting with

Day 1, Saturday
Sunny and bright but a cool day.  My first day; my contingency plan has already kicked in.

I layered in warmer, darker, colours.   Here's the navy-based scarf from the National Trust Shop.

Peacocks grey jeggings with M&S navy cardi.  Underneath is a voile shirt/tunic thing in a grey/navy and mauve print.  I should have unbuttoned the cardi to show you it.  I'm not very good at this!

And I went here


Standen House, East Grinstead.  More on that soon.

Day 2, Sunday

Today feels warmer.  So I've brought out the bright!

Yellow cardi and old 7/8ths chinos, snakeskin flatties, all M&S with yellow vest, Next.

I first layered with the H&M denim shirt

but quickly switched to a warmer, thicker M&S sweater as there was a nip in the air ... 
which pleased The Photographer as he loves hanging around for wardrobe changes.  Not.

A close-up of my metal bracelet.  From a charity shop, 75p.  Bargain!

A pretty perfect spring day ... apart from the sea tipping to the right!


I strolled along bustling the seaside promenade

then passed by the sailing club
to meet up with the family for morning coffee.

Two days into test-driving Janice's 18 item wardrobe and I'm doing well.

The only fly in the ointment that I see is that after coffee, I picked up the first of the jackets in the beauty parade for The Perfect Spring Jacket.  If it's a keeper then I have to remove one item from the original 18 piece-er.  Thems the rules.  Oh dear.  Which piece do I ditch?  I can see obstacles here.

A la perchoine.

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