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Thursday 31 March 2016

Storm Survivors ... Well, Mostly

Back home again.

Bertie The Cat was my first port of call, I snuggled on the sofa with him for the prerequisite amount of time. 

When I could contain myself no longer, I checked out the garden for storm damage, followed by my omnipresent shadow Bertie. 

 Storm Katie has been the latest of so many storms that have hit us this year.  We were in Southampton when it hit on Sunday.  It seems it hit Sussex more badly than the rest of the south of England and the Channel Islands, so we got off lightly.
I don't know how the island fared, so I wanted to check first hand out in the garden. 

It seems to have survived ... mostly.

The hyacinths are still standing proud

A late-flowering variety of daffodils have come through

Tulips have sprung up in the two weeks we've been away and have survived Katie

Arum Lilies have come through too

But, oh dear, my poor Banana plant has been burned by the wind :-[
That will need some serious cutting back PDQ in order to survive through to summer

No garden fence panels succumbed to Katie's wrath and my decrepit Leaning Sheds of Guernsey are still standing.  So, most of the garden has survived.  Just that poor Banana plant has taken one for the team, brave little soldier that it is.  Fret not, matie, Mummy' s here ...

A La perchoine

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