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Wednesday 10 February 2016

And just when I thought it was safe to step out in the garden ...

... along came Storm Imogen.  Gale Force 10 winds battered our shores with just under 80 mph winds being recorded in the area.  There are some atmospheric photos on FB  of our poor little island taking a right pounding.  My little olive tree was nearly blown inside out!

Of course, the photo is not as clear or as dramatic as I would have liked, I couldn't quite click the nano second it was doing one of its touch-the-ground bendovers ... and of course I took it from indoors from behind rain-splattered glass!

Talking of touch-the-ground bendovers, leading up to retirement I had a vision of me waking bright eyed and bushy tailed and heading out on to the "terrace"
(for that was my vision, reality = same old patio)
 wearing The White Company yoga style clothes and doing a session of tai chi before sitting cross-legged on a stylish cushion pad to contemplate my navel in deep meditation, thinking profoundly deep thoughts which would lead to me saving mankind and the planet.

The White Company, Loungewear

Storm Imogen is the reality.  No meditation gonna happen out there.

I too was getting a pounding on Storm Imogen Day.  It was a both a designated gym and a 5:2 day.  Not really anything like my vision for retirement, eh?  A double-whammy of self-inflicted hardship.
I'm not inflicting pictures of me in my Lycra on you, dear reader, count your blessings!

But what you do get are pictures of my day's
500 scoffacious calories.

The top one was how lunch looked, Pao's Asparagus Soup.  It is truly yummy!  I'll give you the link to the recipe below.  I haven't been able to find anything other than full-fat evaporated milk on the island, so I calculated some extra calories for that.  If anyone finds the skimmed version that the recipe calls for, please let me know. 
It must be an American thing as the recipe measurements are in cups.

The evening meal was some sliced marinated chicken which I'd cooked on Saturday, and warmed through in the oven with some kale (with the dregs of the previous day's salad chucked in for fun).  I added some boiled carrots for colour, and, well, for nutritional purposes too, I 'spose.
This dish was yummy too but not as yummy as something that is only 100 cals worth of yumminess.
OK, let the Word Police pull me up for repetition of "yummy", but yummy it was.

Now here's the thing about 5:2, and the same goes for all diets I expect.  They work super-fast first time round.  You have a break, you go back, and the weight falls off at a snail's pace.  Just 2kgs have departed from this body in 5 weeks.  Queue sad emoticon face ...  Bodies are clever, they remember, they adjust.  But, looking on the bright side - and I'm scratching round here - I expect it's keeping my winter weight off and they do say that weight lost slowly does tend to keep off longer. 
Last time round I found some great recipes for 5:2, mostly on


I found it helped to truly engage with cooking the food, rather than just piling a few lettuce leaves and handful of prawns on to a plate.

Hope this helps!

So, I will persevere and hey ho, here's me signing off, ready to fight another day. 

A la perchoine,

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