Wednesday 19 April 2017

A Busy Day in Khaki

Hi dear readers, I hope your day has been glorious.  Mine has been so pleasant.  And busy.
It kicked off early with an osteopath appointment.  Mine really is wonderful, so inspiring. 
If anyone in Guernsey is looking for a good osteopath, I would recommend mine in a heartbeat.
(And I stress heartbeat as he is rather easy on the eye too :-) )
And just in case you were wondering, I wore white cropped jeans and a navy/white stripey top, with Birkies - yes, my first Birkies day of summer!
Then I moved on to the garden centre, which keeps a stock of good greetings cards.   I stocked up for the next few months.  I am at peace when I have a well-stocked card drawer.  So card stocking, done.
Next, lunch with a girlfriend whose birthday is today.  An ultra quick turnaround was needed.

Stripey top whipped off.  Khaki linen shirt with white cami whipped on, over same crops. 
Birkies swapped for snakeprint flatties.

(This was freshly ironed but already creases lurked - will someone please invent a non-iron linen!)

Now, I apologise.  The photos were hurried as The Photographer was dashing off to the golf course.  I was lucky that he took any pics at all and I definitely knew my time was limited to less than 30 seconds before he blew a gasket. 

I was feeling the pressure!

So only after he'd scooted off did I add the finishing stuff - a dark green beaded necklace, a Skagen steel bracelet and I unbuttoned the shirt - it looked so much better as a shacket. 
And I have plans for this outfit.  This outfit can do better things. I want to wear it with ankle grazing white jeans and high taupe heels.  But I decided to save that look for another day as I only wear those heels when TP is with me so that I can hang on to his arm when I feel a totter coming on. 
Tell me, dear reader, are you brave enough to wear ridiculously high heels on your own, without a supporting arm?  Do you totter?  No?  It's probably just me.

Quick outfit tweaking done,  I then had to scoot myself off carrying my final accessory, a pressie for the birthday girl tucked into a nice green bag with white spots - well Green is the Pantone colour for 2017, in case you have been hanging out in Outer Mongolia these past couple of months and hadn't picked that one up yet!

So, green (khaki) shirt, green beads and green pressie bag - bang on trend colour, done!

Lunch at La Grande Mare

4 star La Grande Mare.

 Guernsey crab, avocado and beetroot.  If you've been reading this blog a while, you will now know that Guernsey crab ... is simply the best, better than all the rest (as Tina T shouted out to the world!)

Fish and chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce.  Note the vinegar in a dinky bottle!
Of course, I left half the fish and chips, but the fish came home in a Catty Bag for Bertie.

And although neither of us had much appetite for puds, we shared a key lime pie.  The Birthday Girl had to finish on a high sugar note, eh?

A delicious lunch and a lovely catch up with a super lady.

But my day was not yet complete.  Next up, a constitutional stroll to my hairdresser, passing ...

... bluebells bursting through, swathes of wild garlic lining the lanes.

Uplifting walk, done.  Then I popped myself in my hairdresser's chair and she gave me with trim I probably desperately needed.  Tidy up, done.
And now I'm sitting here telling you all about my lovely day.  How lovely is that?
You know, my Danish girlfriends asked how a pensioner can be as busy as I often profess to be - well just look at what I've been up to today - a perfect example of a pensioner's busy day, right?!

A la perchoine.


  1. When we are off work for a break I do say to Mr Him that I don't know how we have time for work. Liking the snake print shoes.

    1. And that, dear lady, is retirement! Glad you like the shoes, they are a summer staple.
      Enjoy your week off.

  2. It does look like you had an amazing day. Gorgeous pictures. And that food, wow, that looks delicious. LOVE your utility jacket! You styled it perfectly.

    1. Thanks, Amy, I'm getting excited about summer and the summer garb is starting to trickle through. I guess you're kick-starting your summer kit in Myrtle Beach right now!