Monday 12 September 2022

From Petite to Plump on Safari

Hello my lovelies!

Here’s another From Plump to Petite outfit.  Over time, instagrammer Annemarie

and I discovered we often have similar items in our wardrobes, and occasionally identical - see our matching summer dresses in this post

However our body shapes are very different, petite and plump.
Yet somehow the pieces and styles work for us both. 

So what fun it was to discover recently that we have identical safari jackets (Primarni, 2019).  The jacket is made from a soft linen, a perfect fabric for the summer we’ve just had, and it’s double breasted by way of brown buttons.   
However, it’s a jacket that can work well in the autumn too. 

Annemarie has had good use out of hers these past three years.   
Me, not at all!  
My jacket was left in the UK house after purchase in 2019 and Covid allowed it to hang out in a wardrobe unworn for three years. 

This was the first opportunity I had to wear mine. 

Let’s take a look at how Annemarie styled her jacket. 

A soft khaki/olive tee is worn under the jacket, and that accent colour is followed through in the cross body bag. 
The outfit is finished off with stone coloured chinos and cream flatties to create a long line through to ground level. 

I absolutely love her styling of this safari jacket.  

And now, I have to apologize for my ”styling”, or rather, lack of it. 

When Annemarie and I met up, my clothes, footwear, bags, jewellery, you name it - all had been packed away in removal boxes. 

I struggled to find something to wear with the jacket. 

So it’s no wonder we were laughing a lot during this shoot!

All I could muster was this.  An ivory vest, white baggy chinos, some old white flatties.  
And that was it.
No jewellery, no bag, zilch embellishment. 

Annemarie, beautifully styled and well turned out.  
Me, not. 

But styling or not, we always have a blast when we get together.  And I hope we get the message across in these  pics - this kind of soft and loose jacket suits both body shapes and probably everything in between. 

A la perchoine,
Mary xxx. 


Monday 5 September 2022

Shirts on Larger Ladies Formula

 Hello my lovelies!

Shirts.  On women.  Plump women!

I’ve been in training with shirts this summer.  
Over the years I felt that I looked too matronly in shirts, a bit sergeant majorish in them.  Top half issues.  
So 2022 is designated as my last ditch attempt to see if I can get them to work for me. 

I think the trickery may be in the fabric, both the texture and the colour. 

Finding the right formula to allow larger busted ladies to look good in the masculine shirt shape can be a challenge, but I think I’ve found a winning formula!

Taadaah, I give you …

The Pout’s Formula for Shirts on Larger Ladies 

1. Shirts in finer fabrics drape well and look less matronly

A fine slinky fabric or a cotton lawn drapes well over the larger torso, as seen with this lawn shirt from @marksandspencer.  

2.  Then chose a pretty feminine colour or print to negate any hint of masculinity that a shirt brings to the female form. 
Like pink.  

And that’s it.   Simples. 

Yup, I think I’ve sussed this shirt wearing malarkey!

And finally I’m wearing my 👚 shirt with pride!

Other shirts I have been in training with

Light lawn jade oversized shirt. (Me, messy; him, elegant!)

Striped (and embroidered) loose shirt - I’ve worn this many times this summer.  

Brown linen on a windy day 

And of course, the classic white linen fitted shirt worn in many combos, but here worn with light wash blue jeans. 

Do YOU wear shirts?
Do you find their masculine shape a challenge?
I’d love to hear how shirts work, or don’t work, for you in the comments below. 

A la perchoine,
Mary xxx.