Thursday 25 August 2022

The Accidental Monsoon Haul

 Hello my lovelies!

Now let’s get this one out of the way, first and foremost. 

I really don’t like the use of the word “haul” in relation to shopping.  Especially clothes shopping.

It goes against all I believe in terms of the environment, fair labour and the imbalance of world economies. 

So what have I done?

I’ve got myself a haul.  A Monsoon Haul. 

It started when I was hunting for a July wedding dress.  The Photographer reminded me that every single thing I’ve ever bought from Monsoon I’ve worn ad infinitum over the years.  

So of course I bought a dress from Monsoon.  Job done.  

You can see the dress by clicking



HERE on from-wedding-outfit-to-beach-dress

Right, dress for wedding, done ✅. 

But then it gets messy.

Let’s see what transpired. 

I gave the whole Monsoon thing much thought.

Oh TP was so good right about Monsoon pieces, I do wear them on repeat and through the years.  

So he planted that seed in my mind, and that seed unfortunately germinated during a very dangerously time - their summer sale.  

And even more unfortunately Monsoon runs occasional seemingly random 70% off periods during the sales. 

And even worse news still, I’m on their mailing list and they tell me when these rock bottom prices are available, so I know when to pounce.

Yup, a perfect storm.


So let’s check out the damage. 

I bought this shirt.  Loved the pattern and soft colour mix. 

I apologize now for all the bare face, unkempt hair, lack of styling and the messy background you are about to see. 


Side tuck. 

This bedroom try on it with buttoned white denim skirt. 
The shirt is a nice length and I can see this as having many possibilities through the seasons. 
(And it doesn’t crease!)

But as if to throw fuel on the fire, it came with a matching skirt. 

So of course I couldn’t separate these twinnies, thus I got the skirt too. 

Nice drape and length. 

The twinnies can also be used as a co-ord, so on-trend right now.  I can see this in winter with a deep leather belt around my, err, waist”, to separate and break up the patterned pieces, and rounded off with some nice boots. 

For AW23 the skirt can be worn with a jumper, the shirt with black coated jeans, e.g.  There are many permutations, eh ladies. 

These two Monsoon pieces are going to be wardrobe workhorses, and that’s a fact. 

Right, that’s a skirt and shirt under my belt. 

Did I stop at that?  Did I rest on my laurels?  Nah!!!

An olive mustard linen tunic top popped in my basket too. 

I love the colour with my grey hair. 

It’s loose and very cool, so has been an ideal wear during our several heatwaves., despite linen’s propensity to crease. 

Here’s my “haul”.  

Did I stop there?

Oh no, I did not. 

I attempted to buy this jumper to go with it, but Monsoon doesn’t ship this item to the Channel Islands.  
Narrow escape! 

And TBH I really don’t know what all the rush was to snap up some 70% bargains …

… for this is what I’ve been wearing most days through July and August. 

Not a lot!

So ladies, this is my accidental Monsoon haul.   And all because TP reminded me (many weeks ago) how well my previous buys from that brand have fared. 

And thus I am exonerated.  This sales spend has absolutelyNOTHING to do with me.  I didn’t intend to shop. TP subliminally planted the shopping seed, did he not?  

Did he not light the touch paper and then retreat out of harms way whilst I exploded on to the sales scene and did all that shopping damage?

Help me out here guys!

Have you accidentally shopped the summer sales?

And do you have a favoured or site for your sales shops?

Do you shop from Monsoon?

A la perchoine, 

Mary xxx. 

P.s.  Oh dear, it doesn’t end there  -  THIS accidentally happened too … 

More on that accidental pleasure in another post. 


  1. I love the top and skirt set you got! They look so good together or styled separately! Great finds!

    1. Thanks Laura, I think they’ll look especially good accessorized for winter.
      Mary xxx.

  2. Oh you found some pretty pieced! I love them! I do love the mustard blouse and I cannot wait to see all the different ways you will wear all of your new things

    1. Oh thanks Mireille, these pieces will come into their own in autumn.
      Have a nice day, Mary xxx.

  3. You got so many cute pieces! I really like that shirt and skirt together, they are beautiful as a pair and separately.

    I can see why you had to pick these up, especially at 70% off!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. You’ve gotta love a 70% off bargain eh Mica.
      Wishing you a fab wknd,
      Mary xxx.

  4. I can see why you were smitten! The shirt and skirt are lovely; lovely as separates and lovely together; they looked like a maxi/midi dress on you and I can see it belted with boots, too. Loved the mustard linen top the colour really suits you and what a work horse that will be. It did look fabulous on you. 70% off is a wonderful bargain and of course not to be missed.

    You remain innocent and guilt free!

    1. Aww thanks Vronni, and 70% off too makes for happy guilt free times ahead!
      Mary xxx.