Monday 18 July 2022

From Wedding Outfit to Beach Dress

Hello my summer sizzling lovelies !

Well, summer is truly upon us and I’m really getting into my morning swims in the cooling sea and spending time on the beach feeling the cooling sea air. 

So no surprise that this week’s post has a beach theme running through it. 

Right, let’s get on with the post.  

I decided to give the post its title because that seems to be what happened when I put this new dress through its paces. 

I first got wore it to a family wedding a few weeks ago

(follow the link HERE to see how I “styled”’it )

And then I took it to the beach. 

And yup.  Into the sea!

And the soggy sand. 

Now I’m not advocating you take your current best dress down for a paddle. But it made for good Coastal Granny photos eh?!

And here’s the spooky thing. My blogger-Insta “twin”
had bought the same dress and packed it for her recent visit to Guernsey. 

So I invited @my_over50_fashion_life  round for crab sandwiches, cream scones and tea.

Cream tea out in the garden, how lovely!

And of course she took her dress down to the beach too. 

Doesn’t Annemarie look lovely?

And we twinned out on the patio. 

I fastened my back differently to its intended style to hide my bra. 

It’s a happy dress.  Makes you want to dance and twirl!

The dress is a simple line that suits all body types - from Annemarie’s svelte petite figure to my more matronly shape, and every shape in between is my guess 

And then I got a bit naughty with the dress.

Naughty, in The Photographer’s sense of the word.  For me and a belt should not been seen within a stone’s throw of each other according to his rules.  I apparently look like a sack tied in the middle. 
But I sneaked this one in as he wasn’t taking the photos 🤣 .  

I belted it under the bust, as that was the line of the dress. And I don’t think it looks sackish at all.  IMHO. 
It’s possible that belting up in an empire line rather than at the waist, or where the waist used to be in my case, brings the eye away from the thickened middle area. 

What do you think of my totally illegal belting?

And it’s got to be tried out with the ubiquitous jean jacket.  But although this combo tends to be a go for a classic layered summer dress look, a jean jacket right now is a bit chocolate teapot: it’s too darned hot for that classic combo, as my savvy DIL pointed out on the way to a family christening on a sweltering day. 

 🎵 Let’s talk about arms, baby

Now many of us aren’t happy with our upper arms, especially as we age.  So covering them up is vital for our confidence.  But in the heat we are experiencing right now we need to find diaphanous shreds of layer cloth to cover our arm embarrassment.

Well, enter this type of sleeve.  The flutter sleeve.  
This dress has a loose cut on the bias sleeve which covers the arm down to elbow level, yet still allows a free flow of air where needed.

So ladies. I think I’ve put my new Monsoon dress through it’s paces.
TP says this dress doesn’t need any styling.  It can stand up on its own. He may just be right. 

But are there any ways you would style this dress? 
Please share in the comments box below

Gosh, so much chat about a dress.  I think I’m done!  
But I rarely have a new dress to show so I can be excused, can’t I?

A la perchoine, 
Mary xxx . 


  1. A gorgeous dress and you both look lovely in it. Very summery. XXX

    1. Thanks Jacqui, it does seem to suit all body types.
      Mary xxx

  2. My arms are horrible - flabby and crepey, but I've reached a time in my life where I don't care. I have some nice sleeveless dresses and I enjoy wearing them without covering up 😍

    1. Oh Polly, so great to hear from you! I’ve got to say that I wear sleeveless too, but my arms are particularly flabby right now so I thought a flutter sleeve might spare the wedding guests the shocking reality of crepey AND fat arms!

      Hugs Mary xxx.

  3. It's a perfect dress for the beach and it is so fun to see the two of you twinning. You really found a good one when you bought this dress. No jean jackets here in the summer either!

    1. Aww thanks Mireille, it’s going to be a good one and done easy-wear.
      Wishing you a fab rest of week,
      Mary xxx.

  4. Amazing coincidence that you and Anne Marie chose the same dress! It's beautiful on both of you. The beach pictures are perfection. I always like belts, and the denim jacket look is good and means you can carry on wearing this fabulous dress into autumn. Thanks for linking!

    1. Yes such a fun coincidence and we both bought them just before she came over here for her hols so it was an opportunity not to be missed!
      Enjoy the UK sun!
      Mary xxx.

  5. I think Monsoon should hire you! The dress is fabulous; just as gorgeous on the beach as it was when you wore it for the wedding. I rarely belt anything as I look like a 'sack of potatoes tied in the middle' to quote Mr. Pout. But, I think the empire line belting was a genius idea and it makes you look very shapely! I must try it and see if I can get it to work for me. The dress sleeves are the perfect antidote to flabby arms; I nearly always cover mine up.

    And even more astonishing that Anne Marie chose the same dress! How lovely to meet up and to have crab sandwiches - yummy - and a cream tea - double yummy - in your garden!

    I think you could also wear the dress in autumn/winter with a roll neck underneath (or warm long sleeved fine knit jumper) and leggings for warmth; and boots...

    Stay cool,

  6. Hope Monsoon read your comment! Vronni, do have a go with the empire line trick, it’s a shame when we’re held back from wearing belts eh.
    I love crab sandwiches and Guernsey crab is delicious so I wanted to share the experience with her. I even got out the posh china for her!
    I think you’re right, I may be able to stretch this dress out to autumn with a jumper. Thanks for the tip.
    Wishing you a lovely sunny week, though not too hot 🥵!
    Mary xxx.

  7. What a beautiful dress! I love it styled with the denim jacket.

    1. Thanks Lovely, and what a lovely name!
      Mary xxx.

  8. That's such a pretty dress and it's so nice to see you and your friend having fun with it! I really like the ways you styled it, it does look so good belted and with the denim jacket too!

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks Mica, we had fun with this photo shoot and with the styling!
      Mary xxx.