Tuesday 13 April 2021

My Real Clothes Mission

Hello my lovelies!

Right now I’m a girl on a mission. 

A mission to wear Real Clothes. 

We’ve been out of lockdown a few weeks but my head hadn’t yet caught up with that fact and my days have still been mostly sweatpanted.

But now I have a plan!  On Sunday, totally on the spur of the moment,  I randomly pulled out about 10 pieces and decreed these collectively my capsule for the foreseeable.  

Sweatpants are still invited to the party but will be relegated to occasional guest status.  Like when I’m doing some serious house or garden work, or when I simply can’t be bothered 🥴. 

Now the added bonus of wearing Real Clothes is that it encourages me to put on a bit of slap too.  The two seem inextricably linked in my world. 
Yours too?
Sweatpants don’t say makeup to me.  Real Clothes do. 

 My capsule isn’t fashionista, it’s made up of simple everyday clothes that I enjoy wearing and which suit the weather and my plans for the day. 

For example, I started my first day of my Real
Clothes Capsule with jeans and a white shirt.  We all wear that, right? It’s a bloomin’ comfy combo and the classicalest* of classic casual dressing. 
*should be a word 

The day was sunny but chilly and I was out and about so I added a long brown merino cardi (East) and brown heeled boots (Clark’s).  Comfy and warm. 
The boots are about 5+ years old and the cardi nearly 20. 

I felt this outfit was perfect for my day. 
Now no-one’s going to save it on Pinterest but it might be something you feel inspired to wear today, dear reader, as perhaps your dressing has been in the doldrums too and you’re now ready for some real world inspo.  Real Clothes outfits that fit with your day, your lifestyle, and outfits put together with things you probably have lurking somewhere in your wardrobe that just haven’t seen the light of day of late as you, like me,  sweatpanted your way through lockdown!

You’re welcome!

Oh the joy of finding a strategy to get me out of my Lockdown-Lazy Look! 

Hope this helps.

Hugs, Mary x. 


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  1. Real life clothes are it! I still have fun dressing every day.

    1. I’m so impressed that Covid hasn’t affected your enthusiasm for dressing, Mireille! Well done .
      Hugs x.

  2. Hi Mary, I'm lucky that I've stuck with dressing regularly throughout the pandemic because I can only imagine that it's tough to get back to it! A simple 10 piece capsule sounds like a good strategy! I've been building capsules for 6 versions of myself who have been in lockdown PJ mode and transitioning back to real clothes, so I enjoyed your real life version of the same thing.

    1. Hi Sally, I popped over and devoured a few of your interesting reads, what a great project you've taken on.
      Hugs x.

  3. Totally agree - real clothes = slap!

    I love this classic look on you Mary; I think the proportions are perfect. You look smart but casual and elegant, too!

    What's next in the capsule wardrobe I wonder?

    1. Thank you Vronni, /I do like the long cardi and jeans look, and there’s been no easing of your real dressing throughout eh, well done you!
      Hugs x.

  4. Coincidentally, I didn't put on my usual jeans or leggings and a tired old fleece today, but a fun skirt, burgundy tights and a good jumper! So I'm committed to your vision of wearing real clothes! (I might have to change later to go for a walk, but no problem). x

    1. Well that is one of the issues with real clothes eh Gail, taking exercise then requires a change of outfit, so I’m trying to spruce up my walking outfits to make them wearable through the day!
      Hugs x.

  5. Hi Mary, I have pretty much kept to my normal way of dressing during lockdown which means lots of dresses, thick tights and boots. The makeup goes on every day, but I too am wondering quite what to wear again now for venturing out more. As you say a nice white shirt with jeans is always a classic. I have a range of tweed jackets too, bought in charity shops that I put on with them to dress them up and provide warmth. I have a whole load of charity shop bought silk blouses, many from Jaeger that I wear that I love with jeans or a denim skirt. Time to go out and enjoy ourselves again with friends. The long cardigan on you is a great look!

    1. Well you’re another reader who’s impressing me with her Real Clothes continuity! Your outfits sounds super and how lucky you are to pick you those silky beauts in charity shops, Wowzers.
      Hugs x .

  6. Well you’re another reader who’s impressing me with her real clothes continuity! Your outfits sounds super and how lucky you are to pick you those silky beauts in charity shops, Wowzers.
    Hugs x

  7. I am thrilled it is Spring so I can wear my dresses more. We have gotten both vaccines so we are able to sit outside and enjoy a meal. I did buy more loungewear this winter though. Your long cardi and scarf are lovely!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx