Tuesday 23 February 2021

Quick Scones

Hello my lovelies!

As you may have spotted, I’m attempting to keep my hand in with this blogging malarkey.  

My return wasn’t really planned, it was spontaneous, so I’m feeling my way right now.  Behind the scenes I’ve been giving some thought to where I might go with this blog in terms of content and frequency and, TBH, the time it’s worth me spending of this page.  And apropos that, you might like to help me out here.

Is there any content you’d like to see, prefer, and do you enjoy actually reading blogs rather than looking at the pictures?

Time is an issue and you may find you prefer to read short blog posts with lots of pictures, or maybe vice versa.  And is frequency a factor here?  Maybe you pop into blogs once a week and only have time to read one post from each blog.  Your time is precious and so is mine, and I receive no financial reward for my efforts so it’s important I allocate my time meaningfully, so  please tell me about this whole time issue. 

And lastly and very importantly, do you read my reply to your comment?  I spend a huge amount of time replying in detail to comments because I look on you all as mates, but I wonder if you actually read them, in which case my time could be spent actually producing content rather than writing into the ether.

I’d love it if you could take the time to give me some brief input in this direction, please be honest, and thank you verrrry much in advance for your time. 

So let’s move on to today. 

Fancy rustling up a quick sweet treat on a cold day?  Well oh my golly gosh, these are quick AND tasty ... and they really shouldn’t work.  But DO!



Yes it does sound a bit oxymoronic eh?

Ice cream.  In a scone.  

Those two words would not normally be juxtaposed, but they are, here, today.  

But, ignoring the fact that this defies logical thought and comprehension, here is the recipe.  For what it is worth.



Combine 1 cup each of Self Raising flour and ice cream. (Yes, REALLY!  You’re going to have to put your trust in me.)

Shape into balls and place on a greased baking sheet. 

(Since I made my first batch I’ve decided that patting each one down a little may give a more traditional scone shape.)

Yield about 6 scones. 


Bake for about 15 minutes at 180c, till just slightly coloured. 


Buttered and marmaladed - I had no jam.



You can add fruit to the mix, such as sultanas or blueberries, but if you add fruit you MUST add 1tspn baking powder to the mix.  It’s a rule!

And of course a fruit mix will yield more than 6 scones


Baking (and eating) really doesn’t get easier than that. 


I admit I crossed my fingers when I made these because combining flour and icecream and sticking it in a hot oven felt soooo wrong*.   The result should be a hot sticky mess!  But it wasn’t and instead out came perfectly intact little scones for afternoon tea. 


Alchemy must be a play here surely ...

* as weird as a cigarette to Sir Walter Raleigh!



Mary x. 


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Wednesday 17 February 2021

The Games I Played In January

 Hello ladies!
Belated welcome to 2021. 

I have to say that 2021 has started in a sad and sombering way here so I hope you are faring better where you are. 

I first found blogging when my life was in sad place and blogs were a respite from a harsh cruel world.  Blogs and blogging took me to a light-hearted, cosy and “normal” place.  I felt cocooned in Blogland.  
I need some of that cocooning normality right now, 
so let’s take a look at what I’ve been wearing in January 2021!

And I give you the pics and the text in no particular order or consistency because of the formatting difficulties the new blogger app presents me with.

It wasn’t broke Blogger, so why the heck did you fix it?!!

This delightful Zara cardi is a recent addition to my wardrobe and although green, it has slotted itself sooo well into my wardrobe that I’m ready to declare khaki green a neutral!

Cheerful aqua.  Colour therapy?

I played clothes tag through the month, if nothing but to cheer up these pretty awful weeks, and the distraction helped me through January.  

My clothes tag game is to create a 7-8 piece capsule then carry forward at least one item
from the previous day’s outfit into a new outfit.  
I’m probably not explaining this too well, but try to spot the c/f items in some of these pics so that this hopefully makes sense! 

Cosy at home outfit. 

A posher casual day. 

This was an outfit hubs put together for me, during a week of him dressing me in lockdown.  #hubslockdownlooks was another game I shoved in my war chest to get me through the month. 
I needed games to get me out of slobby clothes!

A long line cosy knit with same coloured coated jeans. 

A 20 year old H&M khaki knit. 

A 20 year old beige suede skirt.  
Yes, this was yet another game I played in the month -  a blogger friend and I challenged each other to wear our old suede skirts. 
When the girl needs a game, the game shall come to the girl. 

An otherwise all-berry outfit with just a dash
of white hearts. 

I love the colours in this cashmere scarf, and I was pleased to discover it links in the colours of jumper and jeans, those being aqua and berry (my capsule colours). 

Faux leather trousers from Dotty P. 

A khaki collage. 

More all-berry. 

A hi and very low black silk shirt that I haven’t worn in 15 years - ouch!

If you’re looking for distraction in this bleak month too, perhaps you might like to guess which outfits my hubs put together for me, and which were part of my little clothes tag game.

And if you you need some help with the games I’ll point you in the direction of one - the above is a collage of some of my clothes tag outfits!

And there you have it, dear reader.  
What I mostly wore in January, a bleak to start to the year which needed a game or three to see me through the month. 

And hey, here’s another game to cheer up the day, which is your favourite outfit amongst this lot?  
I have a clear fave and without a doubt it’s one I felt really good in, but let’s hear which is your fave in the comments box below. 

I sincerely hope that you are having a good year so far. 
February for me here in Guernsey is a month where I start to see signs of spring and for me spring is (normally) a thrilling and positive season.  
Spring tells me better things lie ahead, and I’m breathing in all that positivity in the air because, quite frankly, I need any positivity I can get right now. 

How is 2021 treating YOU so far?

Mary x.