Saturday 17 March 2018

Finding my Sleeves

Well, even the sprinkling of snow forecast for the weekend has been downgraded by the BBC to a spasmodic flake or two.  So looks like there's no more snow play for me this year.

This coat comes out when it's really cold (shown here with wind-blown scarfage).  
It's my Big Coat.  So warm.

This was taken the day after the last snow fell a couple of weeks ago.  We went to see a film (movie).
It was still extremely cold.  This wasn't a good shot (again, messy scarf) but there was no chance of a second pic as The Photographer was muttering between chattering teeth "Can we PLEASE go inside and see the flippin' film!".  So we did.

Still wearing the coat as it was bloomin' cold a few days later,  I got another shot out of him during school pick-up.

This was not a good shot either (scarf overload) and again, TP was less than enthusiastic to make this a photoshoot.
At this point I gave up.

I took shots without me in it.  Is this a "hangie"?  Whatever, this seems to work.  My Reluctant Photographer Workaround!

I'm showing you the coat as an example of how to fix something when it isn't quite working for you.
(Does anyone know how to fix a photographer who isn't quite working for me?)

I liked this coat in the M&S sale, about 5 years ago.  Wool, stand-up collar.  All good stuff.
So, a really warm coat and what does M&S do?  It gives it 3/4 length sleeves.  We're talking chocolate teapot, folks.
. But I liked the colour, the cosy design ... and the heavily discounted price and thought I could grow to like the sleeves too.

I couldn't.  Those silly sleeves required me to wear a long sleeved top that matched my bottoms, otherwise it just looked, err, silly.  Or to wear elbow length gloves, which I have.  Black.  Somewhere.

After one silly wear too many, it dawned on me that perhaps this silly sleeve thing was the reason the coat was in the sale?  No one in their right minds wanted wind whistling up their armpits.

But, caveat emptor, our silly Pout had bought it and a workaround was needed.  Eureka!   I hunted down some wool (yippee, soft cashmere).  I knitted myself some deep cuffs, which can be folded back up under the coat if a 3/4 sleeve is wanted ... like I would!

I'd bought enough wool to knit a scarf and used the spare button to create a button fastening.

The scarf can be worn without the button too.

A little tie mechanism holds the scarf in place inside when not worn - remember BITD when children's gloves were sewn on to elastic and threaded through the coat sleeves?  Genius!

Another genius innovation is that I have a little loop mechanism in the cuffs so that in a flash they become mitts.  Cool, huh?

The flashy silky lining had drawn me to the coat.

So, the lesson is that if you truly like something, new or old, but it's not quite right then think about what it would take to make it "right".  Sometimes all it takes is a simple tweaking.  Why didn't the silly M&S bods work this out?

Now, random question time. 

How many times did I use "silly"  in this post? Dunno, but it's a PB.

Can you think of something in your wardrobe that could do with a bit of tweak?

Which film did I see?  Oh I know this one!  Finding Your Feet!!
Was the film good?  Yes.
Did it have lots of gorgeous house décor like in Something's Gotta Give or It's Complicated*?  No.
Did I enjoy it despite the paucity of stylish interiors?  Yes.

* Oh the times I have watched these films just to get a fix of the lovely house décor alone!!!
Is that something you do? 
And did you know that there are whole websites and forums devoted to these film sets?!

A la perchoine.


  1. That is such a unique coat! I love the color and style. The lining is so cool!

    1. It's certainly unique, Amy, though I wish I could have got some tidier photos of it! Hugs, darling x.

  2. Do you have a tripod? Most cameras have a timer feature.

    1. Great to hear from you, Jean.
      Yes I do. My old camera had a useless timer, I'll have to check out how to do it on this one. Thanks for reminding me, wish me luck! Hugs, x.

  3. Love the colour of the coat and looks so warm. Last winter a friend said would I like to buy a tan coloured 3/4 coat she had recently bought in John Lewis I tried it on and it really looked nice as it was my colour, and I bought it. It has large snap fasteners instead of buttons, so ofcourse while I was standing it was fine but as soon as I sit down they come undone.(wonder if that's why she wanted to sell it.) I was thinking perhaps some one would be able to replace snappers for buttons!.

    1. Oh this is a sad tale, Polly. Difficult when it's bought from a friend, eh? I don't think poppers work on a lot of clothing, like bodysuits! It would be really difficult to put tidy buttonholes in double thickness wool fabric, where the buttonholes would need to go. A seamstress could do this but I wouldn't do it myself. Could you create a button and loop fastening? A loop would be easy to sew on the edge of the front. Something like a fine leather loop and a leather or tortoise shell button would look like that's part of the design on your lovely tan coat ... like it's meant to be there.
      Hugs, my dear, x

  4. That is such a great idea! Creative Mary more like this please! I can't help you with your photographer, I have enough problems with mine!
    Laurie xx

    1. Oh thanks, Laurie, I love beating designers at their own game! I used to make much of what I wore (sewing and knitting) through my teens, 20s and 30s. The faff with the cutting out puts me off now, though sometimes I feel I should start again when I visualise what I want but can't find it in the shops. My friend in Holland has just sent me a pic of her mum in a super dress from h&m and its a winner! Going to do a short post on it.
      Re our photographers, Jean above has suggested using a timer, that's a workaround to consider eh ...?!!!!
      Hugs and stay warm, x.

  5. Well my heavens, aren't you the crafty one?! It does seem a but ridiculous to make such a warm coat with 3/4 inch sleeves. But you are talented and your idea is just genius. The coat is fabulous on you too. While I don't need a really warm coat if I did I'd prefer one that isn't bulky - yours isn't at all and is so flattering.
    Thanks for including the movie trailer. I want to see it but it looks like it's not playing here. Hmmmmm...I will be on the hunt for it.
    We saw Red Sparrow and last week we saw Death Wish - they were both so good. Friday night we saw Strangers Prey at Night - I liked it too but we were on the edge of our seats! Brian said it was stressful, lol!
    Enjoy the day my sweet friend, hugs to you and I know TP will enjoy photographing his beautiful wife once he is no longer freezing!

    1. Oh you are too kind, my loveliness, 'twas but a few stitches! But I do rather like "genius"😉.
      Oh I want to see Red Sparrow and I'm going to have to work on TP. Was it good? Brian and I sound similar in so many ways!
      You two have a good time, Brian must love coming home to a lady who absolutely loves her day job!!
      Hugs, xx.

  6. How clever you are - I'd never think of extending the sleeves! And mittens too. I must get some for next winter. Re the snow, the Met Office has let us down again. Hardly any snow in London! Disappointed

    1. Thank you, sweetie. Family have reported two days of snow in Edgeware. This snow must be very selective, we've had zilch here too, just a bit of sleet, mega bummer! It may not be showing but it's cold so keep warm, Gail, xx.

  7. How clever you are and perfectly matched. It was daft of M&S wasn't it. It took my 3 years to realise that a gape in a blouse that I didn't wear due to the gape just needed a stitch . Now I wear the blouse quite frequently.

    1. Oh Anna, do you sometimes get the feeling they churn out these clever clothes without test driving them on real people first, you know, people who MOVE, people who GO OUTSIDE? So pleased you worked out that simple solution to what would otherwise have been money down the drain. Happy week wishes to you, m'dear, hugs x.

  8. It's a lovely coat and how clever you are to sort the sleeve issue out...I have a red wool jacket with three quarter sleeves and I just freeze. I can of course crochet myself some wrist warmers...thanks for the idea!

    1. Oh yes, Vronni, do a crochet fix on that coat and then post it, please! Have a fab rest of week, x