Monday 4 December 2017

How To Control Your Crisp Habit

 Hi there, sweet people.  I bet you're starting to rush around now that we've hit December.  Christmas is coming up for real.  I'm guessing quite a few of you find yourself surrounded by lists, like moi.   And if it ain't (sic) listed or diarised, it don't (sic) get done.   
I already have one man down - today I realised I missed a hairdresser appointment over a week ago.  Little appointment card details didn't get transferred to the diary, you see, so this was an appointment guaranteed to be missed.  I have to grovel to the hairdresser tomorrow.

So, we're jingling into to December.  I impressed myself in November.  I decided I would go a month without a vice. And I did it!   My chosen vice was crisps (chips).  Not one crisp has passed my pout in 30 days.  Well actually 34, because I haven't gone on a crisp binge come 1st December.  No I am sailing elegantly and confidently into the month without any desire for my salty addiction.

You see, I decided that if things need addressing, then I'm going to take a light-touch to them.  Just calmly tell myself this month I won't eat crisps.  I can eat crisps in December, if I want.
It's been so easy to get crisps out of my system with that approach.  I haven't gone charging into December, frenziedly tearing open a pack of M&S reduced fat sour cream ridges (which I adore!).  Nope, I haven't missed them, not one little crumb - the small broken bits are my thing.  My jam, I think the Americans say right now.

Crisps were becoming a naughty habit of mine. They were my mindless eating.  During November, I made up little dishes of more healthy foods in the evening.  Sliced apple, shelled walnut halves, little sticks of a good cheese, grapes, a few cheese biscuits.  It actually felt far more elegant, simple, controlled.  Conscious eating.

That's going to be my approach, I've decided.  Make small changes to my life.  A light-touch approach.  Baby steps, each time I identify changes that are called for.
I haven't got any Lent-style deprivations lined up for December, I'm not obsessive about this month thing, but January is going to be the classic, G&T/wine free.  Fancy joining me?

So it perhaps sounds like I'm setting myself up for failure by moving on to my OOTD and stating that I'm still a bit of an old wino.  To qualify that, I'm still feeling the love for the colour.

I bought this bargain of a fancy sleeved wine top a few weeks ago.

 I thought initially that the sleeves were too long and would get in the way when doing chores, like washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom etc.  They don't ... I just avoid chores.  Simples!

Isn't it wonderful what a blog can reveal about its author.  I saw spots on this pic and realised it wasn't my top that was speckled, it's the mirror.  Clear proof that I'm avoiding chores.


This winemance has sent messages to my brain to search out more wine stashed away in my wardrobe (goodness, I'm starting to sound like I have a real problem with the stuff!).

I remembered I had a wine-coloured jacket, which I bought a few years ago but I don't think I've ever worn.  A blogger lured me to it; it fitted her climate and lifestyle, doesn't really fit easily into mine.  But 'tis the mini season for jackets, so I slipped it on.

I added grey suede boots and a grey muffler.

I  decided grey jeans with this little ensemble would look too contrived, I thought blue denim gave more of a just-threw-these-things-together look.  What do you think?

As the day was quite mild, this little OOTD was all I needed for a trip to M&S Food Hall and a sellotape buying expedition, for 'tis the mini season for sellotape too.

My nail finish didn't look too bad with wine, thought it might clash.
These have lasted more that 3 weeks. Got to think up a new colour by Thursday, Pout nail day.
Seems we ladies are divided on the issue of nail gel.  2017 has been my year for trying it out. My nails have grown for the first time in 3 years.  But let's see what 2018 brings. 

Later, I swapped the jacket for a down jacket and the grey suede for black Chelsea boots.

And I enjoyed my morning constitutional along the east coast.


The day was looking calm but moody.

The clouds later turned to rain clouds.
But no matter, I've made a cup of coffee and I'm up in my garret chatting with you guys!

Thanks for popping in,  my dears.
I'm now off to assess where I am with my lists and will charge back into Christmas preps.
How are you doing with your lists?  With your preps?  Got your house dec'ed up yet?  
I haven't, I have, err, technical problems.

A la perchoine.


  1. I love your hairstyle, you look wonderful. The sweater and jacket are also very beautiful and are perfect with jeans, a nice casual look. But that hair!

    1. You know, you really are very kind, muy bondadoso, about my hair, so I really must make that hairdresser appointment to tidy it up! Thanks for your nice words, x.

  2. Well done for championing your challenge Mary. Plain Walkers crisps are the only one's I can eat. I do actually eat quite a lot of them too! xx

    1. I feel this elegant light-touch is the way to confront demons. I'm relieved to hear that there is one crisp you can eat, and enjoy too. I'll think of you next time I eat some, but I'm hoping I've reduced my addiction ... for the time being at least! Hugs, x.

  3. I had a hoola hoop thing a few years ago.every day I had to have a pack. You're right it is the salt addiction. Anyway I just forced myself for a week and it was over. I adore wine too both sorts. Wine nails. Simples.

    1. Ha ha, AM. I had one too for a while, and went through the ritual of eating them individually off my fingers. Yummy and fun! Like your idea of the wine nails .. wonder if the hula hoop method works with wine too?!! Hugs, x.

  4. Your nails look great! Let's talk those bell sleeves lady! So pretty but yes, one day mine got caught on my desk chair a dozen times so you my dear friend, have the it! I want a crisp.or two..or three!

    1. 39 days and still no crisps in Chez Pout!
      Oh dear, sounds like those fluted sleeves can be high risk in the work place as well as in the home. But not so easy to give up work because of a sleeve fashion, eh?!! And I guess there will be plenty chores to do in your glam new home, so best roll up those sleeves, girlfriend!
      Take care when wearing your pretty outfits, lovely Andrea, happy weekend to you and I hope that egress glitch had been resolved. Hugs, x.

  5. Well done you with the crisps! I like my food but my weakness is chocolate and I will never, never give it up.

    Wine is a great colour for you and that jumper is lovely; especially those lovely sleeves!


    1. Fortunately I'm not that mad on chocolate otherwise I'd have another vice to contend with!
      Thanks for your kind words, hope you're keeping warm and cosy this cold weekend, sweet lady. Hugs, x.

  6. Oh how I love your way of thinking - no chores! I'm going to tell Mr. R that one. I'm fairly certain he'll just say, "ok, the chores can wait till tomorrow!" That sweater with the bell sleeves is super cool on you, totally my jam, lol! And you look so chic with those jeans that you "just threw on" oh, yes, Pout, you are effortlessly chic!
    Congrats on breaking your crisps addiction. You had me right up until you stated that January is no wine and no G & T. Sorry, no can do. But I will be cheering you on from the sidelines, or rather from across the pond!

    1. Yeah, this no chores approach isn't working quite so well now that TP's back in the house.
      Glad I'm spreading your jam with this top, am super flattered with the effortless chic too!
      Come on sista, if I can forego crisps for 39 days as of today, then if not wine then surely there is some other naughty area of your life that you may consider addressing?
      Happy weekend, fun lady, and hugs to you, x

  7. That wine color is perfect on you and goes so beautifully with your hair. Mary! We both love the chip crumbs. My husband gives me the bag when there's just the "dust" left. YUMMM! XOXO

    1. Thanks Lisa, and how funny that the crisp "dust" is our jam - I'll race you to the crisp bag! Hope you're having a fab weekend. Hugs, x

  8. You look so good in a wine color! Love it!

    1. Thanks, darling, it is a flattering colour.
      Hope your weekend is going well. Hugs, x