Saturday 1 April 2017

My Utility Jacket Steal

Hi guys, hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.  Summer's almost here but some days are still on the cool side.  On those days a light jacket is a must.  When I wrote on my latest style steal here, I hinted in my p.p.s.  that I wasn't done with my stealing.  Well, that's because I'd finally found my khaki utility jacket, which I view as one of Une Femme's signature looks. 
But I'm nothing if not a procrastinator thorough researcher, as last spring I mentioned here that I was on the look out for utility jacket.  But my shoppers' head was turned and I ended up with a pink one.  One year on and I'm finally there.  You could call me a cautious shopper.

Meet my khaki utility jacket, a £14 beauty from Primark.  It's just the right weight and length.

Here I wore it with a grey striped top (and grey scarf as we were off for a walk along the prom).
Both £4 from Primark.
I probably haven't mentioned this but on arrival in Sussex I found I'd come down with a cold.  Again.
So it may be spring but you will still see me sporting warm scarves and jackets.
And thankfully I now have this delicious little jacket to sport!

I have to admit, I really hadn't appreciated how versatile these little jackets are.
On another day I wore it with black jeans and my wild card top that I threw into my travel suitcase - the Next top which I bought 3-4 years ago and have NEVER worn. 
I was determined that I would introduce it to my body during this trip.  And I now have!
On this occasion we were going out for supper with a cousin.  I teamed the top with a long black bead necklace, a recent charity shop find.  I hadn't reckoned with The Photographer With Fashion Views.
His view was that the top needed something chunkier and closer to the neck.  I had to trudge up two flights of stairs for this silver collar affair.  Only then was he happy and I was allowed to go to the ball.  (And you know, I think he was right!)


And on yet another day I slipped it over a grey tie-top, a khaki scarf snuggled around my poorly neck.

So, ladies, what I am quickly discovering is that the utility jacket is amazingly useful.
The colour khaki is surprisingly versatile, fitting in with so many colours and outfits.  Perhaps it's even a better colour-mate that pink, which is maybe why utility jacket No. 1 doesn't quite work.
And the weight is just about right for this type of year.  It is rapidly becoming my go-to spring jacket.  Just as I envisaged it would be, a year ago.  I really should trust my instincts.
I now have plans to play around with the look some more and maybe crank up the accessories a tad. 
Because I'm thinking that this little jacket can take all-comers.
It's like the denim jacket, but more right-now.  It's maybe a bit more teen-sies.
Now, tell me, are you a khaki utility jacket fan?  And how do you wear yours?


A la perchoine.


  1. Big fan of Khaki. I haven't tried a utility style yet though. All these outfits look really good with your Khaki jacket Mary. I hope your getting over that cold.
    Oh, and thank you for joining Celebrating Style xx

    1. It's a fun thing to style, Laurie, and thanks, I'm fine but the cold baton has been passed on to The Photographer :-(.

  2. Love your new utility jacket! I just purchased a new one myself and am in love with it! You are so right about the versatility. I plan to take it on vacation and am sure the the pockets with come in handy.

    1. A wise purchase, Karen and the pockets are useful - I went out for coffee and a walk yesterday and my purse fits in one and phone in the other. The beauty is that they button shut so no risk of accidental spillage.
      I'm wishing you a wonderful holiday and will be thinking of you.

  3. I live in mine in the spring and autumn. There will be arguments between my grey cardi and the jacket when it makes an appearance. You look fab in that jacket and so many looks to now explore.

    1. Thank you, Anna. So, expect some transitional in-fighting then. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try to make grey cardi and utility jacket feel equally loved and maybe that'll stop it getting messy in the wardrobe.

  4. I'm so happy you found a utility jacket you like. They are so versatile! I love all the ways you styled yours.

    1. Thanks, Amy,I realise that I have just a small window to play around with the jacket before summer kicks in proper, so I'm getting busy!