Friday 17 February 2017

Our Christmas Eat Treat

Our lovely grandkiddies treated us out to a meal at our favourite restaurant.  How nice is that?!
It was our Christmas pressie and we decided to save it until we'd got over our colds and sniffles so that we could truly enjoy it.  And that time was now!  We don't like doing the Valentine's Night assembly line stuff so our "Valentine's" was a couple of days later.

At first I fancied going a bit frilly and silky.  La Reunion is posh and that would have been fitting.

But a cold sea mist had set in over the island, so I went for ladylike warmth and comfort.
Woolovers light stone cashmere merino cardi with M&S wool crepe black skirt, chunky pearls.

My old Tie Rack silk square in stone. black and grey was just a perfect match for this combo.

My Peacock pleather waterfall jacket was just right to stop this quite serious lady outfit from looking, er, too serious and ladylike.

Clarks chunky heel reptile courts and a vintage Corde clutch and I was ready (just!) for the taxi.
And on to La Reunion.

I've given you so many pics of this place on previous visits so I tried to find a couple of new angles, one being the bar area above.

And the other being this run of buttoned chairs and convex mirrors, this view marred only by the obviously obligatory fire extinguishers.

A line of matching plants along the windowsill.  Note the grey and mustard, oh how I adore that colour combo!

We were shown to our usual table.  How sophisticated does that sound?  Our usual table, indeed! But it just works out that we seem to be allocated the best table for two in the house, each and every time!

Now dieters and brace wearers will be pleased to hear that my food shots were restrained - their paucity I put down to having had such a good time that I simply forgot to take many!

So here's my crab and avocado starter.  I often find that a three-course meal is far too filling as I get older, so I had another starter for second course, an Asian prawn salad but with a side order of garlic fries, of course, my appetite is not that restrained! The Photographer dipped avidly into my chips as his fish dish came with far less-exciting mash.  Of course, between us we still couldn't quite finish the little bowl of these tasty fries.
Two yummy and delicate courses - OK the fries aren't quite so delicate!

And here's The Photographer's ice cream.  I really could only manage a double espresso at this stage.
Oh, and the handmade chocs and jellies the restaurant serves with coffee :-).  I made room for those.

A lovely evening, as always, with superb food, staff and ambiance.  And talking of ambiance, I've come away with something added to my Wish List.  A skinny black table lamp.  So sophisticated.
A pair of these would look so splendid in our formal lounge.  Should I treat myself?  Or should I wait for my birthday?  OK, here's a clue to the answer - my birthday is towards the end of the year, a.k.a. an awful long way away.  You figure it out!

Thank you, adorable and thoughtful grandkiddies, for your very special treat.  It was much enjoyed!

A la perchoine.


  1. Looks like the icecream has a frown on. I adore how you've grunged your look slightly with the jacket. It works really well Mary.

    1. I'm told that a frowning ice cream tastes just as good :-). I like that, Anna, grunging the look! Sometimes just has to be done ...

  2. I can't eat out at restaurants due to my allergies. A royal pain in the backside! Your outfit looks lovely Mary. I've been really pleased with my Woolovers items, and how lovely for the grandchildren to do that? I'm so pleased you joined the Celebrating Style link up too xx

    1. Thanks Laurie, so sorry to hear about your allergies, maybe that's something that can be sorted out over time. Fingers crossed.