Friday 24 February 2017

And Finally, Tea With A Sea View

Hi peeps!  Brace yourself for a few off-the-wall pics.  Well I did tell you I've got camera probs.
And do you think it could get worse ...

... it can.  Now I have sun probs.  These were taken before afternoon tea.  I forgot that the sun would be streaming through this window at this time of day, despite the threats of Storm Doris.  When I saw these pics, what could I do but play around with effects buttons!

Within this blur is a winter white jumper, grey jeans, Zara cream jacardi.  Despite the impaired visuals, I hope you can see that it was a smartishly casual OOTD for going out to tea on a pretty cold and windy February day.

And a cosy scarf, bien sur.

I took my OOTD out for afternoon tea (and bubbly!). 
Finally I get my tea with the sea view.

The hotel is set in a little valley leading down to a pretty bay.

I'm leaving these shots to better cameras and better seasons. 

credit ma-idesign

The Fermain Valley Hotel, here.

I've enjoyed a few staycations here.  It's a top notch place for a stay on the island, with superb dining and a heavenly location.

Back to me and reality, my pocket camera and Storm Doris - she was battering the UK but blowing more gently down here.


A la perchoine


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Stephanie, it's one of our bays. In summer, I hasten to add!
      Thanks for popping in, hope Doris was kind to Sussex.

  2. I must have missed this, are you on holiday on Gurnsey or is this where you live.?

    1. Hi Polly, it's my home but when I was putting my pics together it felt like I was on holiday!!

  3. I think I may have to pay Guernsey a visit! It all looks lovely. I'm glad you had more luck over the storm than I did. That afternoon tea is making me hungry! x

  4. I hope you visit us soon, but wait for some better weather! So sorry you weren't quite so lucky with Doris. Needless to say we didn't finish the tea, or even the doggy bags we took home!

  5. Afternoon tea is so elegant and luxurious. Beautiful views. I'm inspired to wear my winter white jumpers now. Now can I persuade Mr Him to take me to tea!

    1. Yes, tea is so ladylike. The island dies scrub up well in the sunshine. He should be a pushover for a tea after his recent faux-pas!