Monday 25 July 2016

No-Brow Investigation

Whilst taking my new specs selfies a few days ago, I dared to take some bare-faced shots with my hair pushed back.  There were motives behind my madness.

Firstly, I've always felt that wearing glasses means I have to wear more eye make up.  During my recent training session with my new glasses, I think I got away with just mascara (YSL false lash, bien sur).  These new glasses can take that light-touch approach as they are bigger than my usual frames.

Secondly, in my Getting Lippy post, I mentioned that I enjoy wearing just lip balm on a casual day.  In summer I prefer it to lipstick.  Here I'm wearing a lovely cherry-flavoured stick which I think is by Lipsyl but it could be a Boots-own (I bought it and its melon mate from Boots but I've torn the wrapper off which had all the info).  Well, it tastes gorgeous and its doing a lovely job on my lips. 

Do you reduce the lippy in summer?

And finally, the main reason for all these selfies.  My eyebrows.  I pushed my hair back to have a good look at them.  
What's happened to them?  Where have they gone?!
They have become sooo thin in the past few years.  I now find myself saving the long wirey white stragglers that I used to pluck out because they looked so aging.  These days, if it's a hair, it stays.  Thems the rules.  So I now cut my new best buddy brows with scissors, in the hope they will stick around a little longer.

I've tried pencilling in some pseudo-fullness but I just look like a painted lady.  The colour has to be light as my eye brow hair is ashen brown, a.k.a. grey.  The pencils on the market seem to be a ruddy brown and stand out glaringly against my, err, soft (grey again) colouring.

Oh, and BTW ...

... here's what I wore whilst conducting my No-Brow Investigation.  After the soaring temps we've experienced, this day ear-marked for brow-ing, shopping and errands was a cooler day so I somehow reacted by covering a little more, even though it was still warm.  Just not sweltering.  
Black modal Next top, black/ecru print skirt from M&S about 15 years ago (beautifully lightweight fabric), black Ecco sandals.

Now, tell me, are you experiencing eye brow loss?
How are you managing it?  Doing something about it or leaving well-alone?
And do you know of a really good brow product that fills in the spaces but provides some vestige of "natural" brow about it?  Maybe one that you've tried that works for you. 
I'd really appreciate your help.

A la perchoine.


  1. Yes, my eyebrows have all but disappeared. I put this down to (1) them not properly returning after having had chemo for breast cancer in 2004/5 and (2) my age - older than you, at a guess. And as I'm now grey haired and have got fed up having my hair highlighted as it has never looked as I really wanted it to look, I've embraced the grey but then my make up wasn't quite right.
    So yesterday I had a makeup makeover in a local dept store by the Lancôme beautician and wowzer, what a good idea this was, so I do recommend you go to a similar store in your area and book yourself in. There you will be shown how best to make up our older face and that includes disappearing eyebrows and also bags under the eyes or what my friend calls her "panda eyes." You don't have to visit a Lancôme beautician, there are others around - Clinique, Clarins, Estee Lauder, etc. In 2014 I had a semi-makeover with the Boots No 7 beautician in Boots, but yesterday was the full treatment from moisturizer, primer, foundation right up to blusher. You don't have to buy any products but I treated myself to two (only two as they are expensive, the rest will have to wait a while) but I've learned a few new techniques and a new (new to me, I mean) product for my brows. I would also say that I allowed the beautician to use what colour palette she thought would suit me, not one that I asked for, so it ended up being totally different from what I'd been using and I have to admit, it was amazing! I do recommend a makeup makeover, if only to be shown new products and new colours and to learn different ways of making up our eyes.
    Margaret P

    1. I'm so sorry to hear of the bad experience you've gone through with illness and treatment, Margaret. You seem to have handled it very bravely. It puts my silly brow problem into perspective, that's for sure. You deserve all the pampering you desire !
      Hope you're having a nice day.

  2. Hi Margaret, thanks for popping in with all the tips.
    What an experience you had, and such a positive one to boot. Lancome products are really good but as a pensioner I don't use them as I've become a bit of a cheapskate!
    I have to admit I don't do much with myself, hair, face, and body, and it probably is showing. I've always been fearful of makeup sessions. The nearest I got was a few months ago letting the lady try Touche Eclat on me. PerHaps now is the time to let that nice YSL lady loose on the rest of my face!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us and for your helpful ideas.

  3. Hi. Me again. I have bushy brows still and have them plucked or waxed every 6 weeks. Opposite problem. There are great pens out there that have little fibres in that I would use if I had diminishing brows.

  4. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for taking time out from your coops to pop in!
    It is rather strange that the hair issues shift around the body. Hair seems to slip from the brows down to the chin. Maybe it's something as simple as gravity!
    When next in town I'll look out for those fibres, thanks for the tip.
    Have a nice day, y'all.