Sunday 17 July 2016

Getting On With It

Thanks for popping in, peeps.  We've had a truly glorious weekend.
OK, we have had to spend most of it gardening but what lovely weather to garden by.

We'd been away from home for nearly four weeks.  Mid-June to Mid-July, pretty much height of summer.  So you can imagine what the garden had been up to whilst we were away.  Some serious partying!  It looks like the garden equivalent of a student flat, but messier.

But once we'd set up a list of work to be done and devised a strategy by which we could "comfortably" complete the tasks, it all started to feel sort of do-able.
Today's tasks were to clear the totally overgrown soft fruit area and clear up the work area from yesterday's potting up.  Tasks done!

We can now see what we have fruiting and what we had forgotten we had.  The Photographer remarked when clearing an area "There's some really strange coloured rotten fruit next to the redcurrants".  "That's the blueberry bush I planted last year" I replied.

On the subject of soft fruit, I am thrilled that this year our little raspberry plant has kept the cat sitter supplied and since our return, we too have enjoyed raspberries every day with yoghurt. 
I am a totally capable gardener.  Why, I am practically self-sufficient.

Hard work in the garden is eventually rewarded by a workman's lunch under the shelter of the vine-covered pergola.

The wisteria has also started to creep over the pergola's struts.

Soon we will have a full canopy of vine leaves.  And hopefully grapes  as I am optimistic for a good harvest this year.  The last truly good year was in 2006.

So, I mentioned the workman's lunch.  
'Twas but a moments work. Lots of water, toast, pate and beetroot with tuna and bean salad leftovers. 
And no pergola strut shadow today!

The weather today has prompted me to hook out some beachwear and get that washed ready for the school holidays, which for Grandson starts from tomorrow.  I'm hoping to have breakfast on the beach with him.  So tomorrow's post will be a focus on beachwear.

Hope you pop back tomorrow for a beach trip and swimsuit shots.  Which should be a step up from gardening and salad leftovers.  But that's life eh?  Some days you've just got to knuckle down and get on with it.  Or get rich and employ a gardener!

A la perchoine.


  1. Your garden looks glorious. Fab having a vineyard, er, vine. We have to meet up and do a joint blog I think. In a vineyard would be nice. You'll have the weather this week for that beachwear. My best hope for my garden is miss 21 watering it.

  2. My two vines doth not a vineyard make, methinks. Joint blog sounds fun and on my To Do List is to try out a Sussex vineyard, so I think we have the makings of a plan :-).
    Hope your daughter keeps with the watering programme cos it's hot here. I spent the day beaching and swimming in our high 20s temp. Tomorrow due to be 30s, though I'm sure it must be sweltering in the Canaries.

    1. Let's organise something when I get back. I have a vineyard in mind, yours! Joking, I do know one that does food too

  3. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to it.