Monday 15 February 2016

Pimm's Anyone?

Now look at this, my first geranium bloom this year.  I am excited.  Won't be long till summer's here!

Geraniums become my indoor plant profusion in summer; the orchids don't seem to be so giving during the warmer months so they take a back seat and let the blousy geraniums take centre stage.  And do all the work.   That must be nature's way of giving me year-round indoor blooms!
I love geraniums as, just like the orchids, they require little effort or care on my part but give me so much, they are one nature's givers.

Seeing my first geranium got me thinking about sprucing up the house a bit for summer,
so .... queue a mooch around a garden centre.  An idle hour or two at Le Friquet here

Here are some of the things that took my eye (with apologies for weak photography - I took my little pocket camera, sorry!).

Black and copper glassware.
Storage jars with well-fitting smooth wooden lids.

Lots of white lanterns, they'd look so fresh on the garden tables.
Leafy candle holders - they look like artichokes!

Pretty chunky pottery.
A tableful of glassware, ready for a summer party!

A bit of an indulgence, methinks!
Some cute milk churns - now I know someone who'd like these!

And finally ... mine's a large Pimm's, please !

In my continuing mission to smarten up my act, on this day the jeans came off and a skirt went on!

Yes, here I am with my legs out, yet again!  Don't quite know why but it felt right.
  I'm wearing an M&S light British wool skirt in a fine stone/black houndstooth check. 
It's an old work skirt (15 years old maybe?) but it still looks like new and is lined, so it just had to have an airing.
It's worn here with a couple of my workhorses, the Next modal top (so versatile) and the Gabor nubuck bootees.

 Just wanted to show you more of the cosy Next fringed animal print scarf. 
It's AW15 and no longer available :-(.

But it does cosy up nicely with a M&S puffa. 
Ta daaah!!!

I really do hope that a glimmer of improvement is coming through in my everyday dressing. 
I have a few ideas in the pipeline which will pep things up a bit!  Bear with me, dear reader.

And for my labours, coffee and a bite to eat. 
A just reward after fasting the previous day.  And gyming!

As mentioned earlier, I realise my photography needs some improvement
but I do have plans on that front.
And, reader, the rain stopped today.  Yes, really. 
Maybe I can finally take some photos outdoors. 
Maybe fill a flask of Pimm's and shoot from here (photo sourced here)

Aaahh, won't be long ...

A la perchoine.


  1. I love your outfit of today! It is so easy to fall back on the good old trusted jeans when you are finding yourself with nothing much to do but, you are right, making an effort with an outfit does wonders, whether you are going out or not. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment, La Duchesse. Yes, jeans were my default on retirement but variety is good for my soul. Maybe it's conditioning. Or maybe it is in my genes to get out of jeans occasionally!