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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

WIW Wednesday

Hiya my sweet peas!
 Time for my Wednesday wardrobe round up again.  
There's been colour, there's been a couple of misses.  But this is my fifth WIW, AND I'm posting WIW Wednesday on a Wednesday, so there are many things to be proud of in this simple post.


Per Una bright chiffon blouse (old), white jeans and metallic sandals (M&S).

Topped with embellished cardi.


Soft orange Cashmillon twinset, metallic sandals, (M&S); Next white jeans.


East aqua linen shirt dress.

Embellished cardi (quite a good match eh? Not bad considering there's 15 years between them)

And a summer outfit wouldn't be right without the Accessorize silk scarf.

This outfit got taken out for a fancy lunch (see HERE and HERE).


In town buying Next long sleeve T shirt basics.  A sign that autumn is fast approaching.

But not that fast approaching for I wore skirt!  Ecru linen skirt. The White Company cardi, taupe.

The jersey/ chiffon top is from Next (old).

I experimented with cardi tying - not my best achievement.

So I kept the cardi as the designer intended, open and flowing.


The sun's still here! I wore another skirt!
This time a white line skirt with one of my new long sleeve tops.

Is there anything in my summer wardrobe this scarf dies NOT go with?

After walking I made brownies and rum balls for the next day's family BBQ.  Wearing pale pink and white?  Don't fret, I wore an apron and no clothing was harmed during my messy work with chocolate and butter!
Brownies (recipe to follow soon) and RUM BALLS see HEREand see HERE for Leslie's yummy recipe.  These are things I take to  get-togethers; on the savoury side, my go-to is CORONATION CHICKEN, recipe HERE.


A lovely day of socialising, starting with morning coffee and danish pastries with the family. 
And here come the misses - no OOTD shots!
I wore a variation on Saturday's outfit, swapping skirt for white jeans.
Afternoon at a family BBQ (Bro's burgers are legendary!)
Completely forgot about taking some good outfit pics, so the outfit didn't even make IG.


Rushing out the door to make my emergency dentist appointment, so slung on mum jeans, white vest top and UV cardi.  If I don't take photos first thing, it doesn't get done.  So again this outfit missed IG.

And that's my week in outfit pics, with a few omissions.  Oops.

Yesterday I  day-tripped over to a neighbouring paradise.  The weather was ok but not the best.
Today it most definitely has not been the best, drizzle mostly all day.  So after my housework, cooking and admin, I settled down with a coffee in my hand  and a cat on my lap, and I found myself gravitating towards cosy jumpers online. 

Are you starting to think about cosy jumpers too?
Or swimsuits and floaty kaftans if you live down south?
And what have you been wearing in September?
How's this month going for you? Super hot?  Super busy?
I'd love to hear.

A la perchoine.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tuesday Travel - Imperial at Pleinmont

I continue to travel my doorstep.  No airport delays, no currency exchange risk, no packing panic, none of that.  Just choose a location,  decide what to wear, point the car in the general direction and go!

So some weeks ago I did just that.  It was a lovely evening so the choice was easy - the Imperial at Pleinmont.  The drive along the west coast on an evening like this is spectacular, and it certainly feels like I'm on holiday as soon as I feel the wind through my hair, as I drive along the red granite coastline in my new open-top.  
Yes, this was out first evening out in our convertible so I just had to max out on the experience by choosing the furtherest possible destination from my house!

What to wear was easy too.  Ultra violet.  Dress from Madeleine, cardi from M&S.

And we did our point and go and headed down to the island's furthest south-westerly destination, Pleinmont.

But who needs a cardi on an evening like this?

We were greeted by the friendly duo made up of A and J.

The view from our table was just perfect.

We ate early so the restaurant indoors was quiet.

Dunno why I do these selfies, but it just feels right.

My nails were shellac'ed in a summery pink with a glitter overlay.
My nailist told me they said "take me out".
I told The Photographer the story, whose take was that she and I had cooked up a cunning ploy to get me wined and dined.
I then used any and every opportunity to flash my glitter nails in front of The Photographer.  "What do these nails say to you?" I asked on repeat. "Collusion" was his answer, also on repeat.

What it took for him to actually take me out was a flashy new car!

I had a delicious crab salad.  It was huge!

TO had a yummy seafood fritto misto.  I, er, 'helped' him with the chunky chips!

We later went out on the deck, from where this beautiful view can be s I asked in - as a sip or two of chilled white is soaked in.

The outside eating area is dog-friendly.

The Imperial - lovely food, lovely staff, lovely location.
If you're an islander or an island visitor, A and J and the team are waiting to give you a pleasant experience out Pleinmont way.

And then, because we dine early, we could enjoy the drive and the views all the way back home again.
Here, Fort Grey, known locally as 'the cup and saucer', for that is what it looks like.

A la perchoine.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Monday Mode - More Than A Beach Dress

Hi my lovelies, how are you today?
Well, I hope, and enjoying these days of September for all that they offer, no matter where you are.
How am I?  I'm a tad traumatised.  I broke a tooth on Friday, late afternoon when there was no chance of getting it looked at till Monday.  Monday arrives and I was so lucky to be able to see my dentist at 9.30am and he managed to patch it up.   But it is just that, a patch up, and there's a bigger job and a bigger bill ahead. TP says it's something we oldies just have to expect at our age - old teeth break.  Depressing, eh?

So let's find some reasons to be cheerful.
Well here's reason Number 1.

My beach dress, 2nd Loved.

Other bloggers are diving into autumn, but 
I'm clinging on to summer in my beach dress.
I just love this dress and it's really been working its little socks off this summer with all the gorgeous sunny days we've had.

All too late, now when I look at these photos, am I seeing the opportunities this dress offers other than just throwing it over a swimsuit and slipping my feet into flip flops.
You see, for 15 years I've tunnel visioned it as something for the beach only and as such, I've not really taken pics of it so I've not truly looked at it.

Only now, because I snapped it for the blog, do I see its many colours for accessorising and only now can I see that with the right accessories it's so much more than just a beach dress.
And I see this baby going in many directions.

 Do you have a colourful dress you can study, pulling out colours to accessorise with?  Creating new outfits, creating new scope for your dress?
Take some photos and find out what your
dress can really do for you!

Here's what I'm seeing from this little beach dress, just by shopping from my wardrobe:

1. Red espadrilles and necklace
2. Coral cardi with espadrilles
3. Orange cardi or green cardi, metallic sandals
4. Turquoise embellished cardi and necklace, pewter sandals
5. A blue scarf as shrug or kaftan
6. White denim jacket and pumps (sneakers).

If we have the weather, I'll try a few of those combos and post them.
 If not, then oh well, let's squirrel those ideas and have lots of fun with this little dress next summer.

Because now I know that this little dress is ...

More than a beach dress,
More than a beach dress to me!

A la perchoine.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Thieving Thriday P.S.- Le Nautique

Thanks for popping back for my postscript, my lovelies.  I hope your weekend has got off to a flying start and maybe you're taking a break from your activities, sitting down with a coffee and are catching up with a few of your favourite blogs - and if you're here then
YIPPPEEEE!  I'm one of your faves!

I split up the outfit post I was putting together yesterday as it got just a bit too unwieldy, even by my standards!  So here I give you the "where I took the outfit" element.  Now just relax, enjoy your coffee and scroll through my pics.

Scaling  the centuries-old granite steps to Le Nautique restaurant, which is set in an old wharf building dating from when the seafront part of town was an active port for sailing ships.

Life in steps.

I have a love for old worn steps, steps that evidence forever the tread of those who've walked them for hundreds of years before us.  Life is there in each small worn indentation, each foot-polished slab.  Each step has been part of million life-stories.  What were those before me thinking as they placed their foot exactly where mine is today?

Oh how I digress.  Back to the meal, I drank a glass of chilled dry rose.

The view from my table, looking out over one of the island's  many marinas.

I started with a prawn tian.

Between courses, I admired the metallic table mats with a modern naiive fish (or should I say ex-fish?) design

I should have stopped at the prawn tian, for I then struggled to get through my king prawn green thai curry and wastefully had to leave rather a lot.

In recent years my appetite must have slowly reduced.  Or rather my capacity to eat, for perhaps the appetite is still there.  It happens over time as you age I guess.  I find that I've continued to order the same meals as I ate, say 5 years ago, but I'm leaving more and more on my plate, uneaten.  This is of course an expensive habit but more importantly, it's obscenely wasteful in this day and age.  

So I am trying to get my brain to catch up with my stomach and then engage with my mouth so that when it comes to ordering, the elegant words "I'll just have a starter with a side salad" are emitted through my ojjjwrinkled lips!

I realise I have become my mum!  She used to say things like "I'll just have a soup" and now I totally get that.  I am her!

Are you noticing your appetite is not yet in sync with your current eating capacity?

TP's scallops, new potatoes and an array of vegetables went down well!

The scallops were hand-caught by divers.  
The chef always comes round to chat with the diners after the meal and when TP mentioned that the quality of scallops was second to none, the chef explained the reasons why all hand-caught seafood actually does taste better.  Sadly it's all about the catching method; sea creatures are traumatised by the whole net-catching process which manifests in their poor little bodies.
That's food for thought, eh?
Perhaps you're vegan and this is further vindication of your life choice.  

Hand catching is a more costly process but when possible I choose to
eat less, but better.

#Pout #pulpit #hand-caught #seafood

So on that slightly preachy note from my pulpit (doesn't it look like one?!), I leave you till the next time, or as we say in Guernsey French ...

A la perchoine.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Thieving Thriday! The Suit Heist

See what I did there?  Thieving Thriday?  A portmanteau merging Thursday and Friday together creates one post for both days, and thus brings me up to day (sic!) with my days?!!!

So today, instead of thieving from another blogger, Pinterest, or a Madeleine catalogue, I'm thieving from my own wardrobe today.  Thieving from a suit to be more precise.

When searching in my archives recently I stumbled upon a whole range of smart summer wear that I used to wear, BITD, when I worked for a living.  Each time I come across these stashes I haven't the heart to move them on.  I still like them, I like the colours, I like the styles.  But they're just too posh for the life I lead now, retirement life.

So it made sense to try to incorporate some of the items into my retirement life.  A few items in various shades of aqua caught my eye.
Here's how I got on.

It started with a suit.  An East two-piece - is it me or does that sound very '50s.
A two-piece, that's what my mum would call this duo.

An aqua linen two-piece suit.  Great as businesswear, I wore it loads in the noughties summers but now, not so much.  Well, actually not at all!

Got a suit YOU don't wear?

So when I stumbled upon this two-piece I thought hey, I have quite a lot of these posh suits that get absolutely zilch wear in the teensies, but I cannot bear to throw them away.  So why not repurpose them?  And the repurposing turned out to be so simple.

Thieve from the suit !!

Thieve the jacket to wear with jeans, blue or white, either will work.
This instantly brings the jacket down to the level that is my pensioner life today.  Casual, and mostly (hopefully!) smart casual.

Then let's move on to the jacket's twin.  The dress. The label said 'dry clean only'.  I washed it.  It didn't die.  It may have lightened a shade, but I'm splitting the suit so ain't no biggie!

It's a rather lovely lined sheath dress.  Thieved away from the jacket, it still needs bringing down a notch further to make it a dress I can wear day-to-day.  So I added low-wedge pink sandals and a pink necklace.

Aqua is yet another colour that my gorgeous silk butterfly scarf compliments perfectly.  

Pout Tip: Remember, if you're investing in a scarf, choose one that has pattern, one that has as many of your fave colours in the pattern as is artistically possible - you will then find that this single scarf compliments most of your outfits.

Keeping with the smart casual look I desired, I switched to another pair of low-heel sandals, this time in metallic leather.

I added turquoise jewellery; on reflection, it should have been metallic too.

My recent Woolovers purchase in embellished aqua provides a co-ordinated coverup for this time of year.

For a slightly posher casual look, I switched to a chunkier necklace and Adesso taupe high wedged heels.

But keep the two pieces apart to avoid slipping back into posh!

The addition of the jacket returns the look to special occasion posh, not a day-to-day  retirement look but fine for a summer wedding or a meet-up with the Queen at Buck House - I don't think she'd kick me out wearing this little two-piece, do you ?!!

Try it out for yourself.

So, my dears, the purpose of this post today is this.  If you have posh combos that you love, like suits, two-pieces, whatever, and you can't bear to throw them out because you they still give you joy each time you see them, then 
- Think about how you can split them to make each individual piece more casual for the life you lead now.
- Then think about bringing the tempo down on each piece - a jacket worn with jeans and maybe a complementary scarf, a fitted dress worn with lower heels, chunkier jewellery.

2nd Love your poshwear !

A la perchoine.

TOMORROW: pop back to find out where I took my aqua linen sheath!