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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pier 17

Hi, dear readers.  Hope you are all well.  Here's been a tad busy with housey stuff and, of course, the seasonal wardrobe switch is more than a moment's work in Pout Manor!
But my outfits are starting to change as the season progresses.  I dressed a little more snugly when we met up with friends for a meal at Pier 17 last night.  Allow me to take you with me, pictorially.

But first things first, the OOTD.  All black!  M&S knee-length skirt and lacy top, Peacocks pleather waterfall biker.  Clarks croc texture chunky heels. 
And red lips, should Anna of Mutton Years Style read this - red lipstick, done!

And here's me inelegantly trying to show you my top, we were pushed for photo-shoot time.

Time was short as we had a bit of a walk to the bus stop as we were taking the bus into town.

Visual of bus stop!

And visual of me holding bag Thatcher-style, haven't tried that in years- so lady-like!

Here's The Photographer, nicely scrubbed up too.

Me on the bus, with some feline scarfage and the sunset behind me.

The bus ride in to town is so pleasant, driving from home along the west coast;

The terminus is next to one of our four town marinas.  Here's this marina at dusk.

Passing the Town Church and a statue of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's hubby.

Pier 17 is at the end of a pier, as the name implies.  We're now walking the Albert Pier, as the statue implies.

Castle Cornet just about visible in the background, before it is floodlit for the evening. 

Here's a view of the bus terminus.  In the background, the boats aren't the buses!

A short stroll along the pier takes us to the restaurant.

But before we go in, let's have a look at some fishing boats.

Then in to the restaurant.

The wine cooler.  They must have known I was coming!

Here's your Pout, starting on some of that wine.

And because of my pusillanimous approach to food shots these days, I'm posting just the one.  It's my main of tempura vegetables and Asian noodles, huge, I couldn't finish it.  Starter was mackerel crocquettes and "pud" was cheeseboard.  I had to hand out cheese, biscuits and grapes around the table as you can imagine that I was truly struggling by that time.  Double espresso then our lovely friends kindly drove us home  A super evening.

So, did you enjoy your trip on the bus with me?  And a twilight stroll along the pier?

A la perchoine.


  1. you look so chic in black! plus is that your hubby? so handsome! xo

  2. Hi Janet, thanks for your sweet words, I'll have to wear black more often! It's lovely to hear from you and yes, that's hubby. I'll pass on the handsome bit, he'll be on cloud 9!

  3. You looked perfectly elegant and red lips too! Great with black and for an evening. You are lucky to have that marina walk to the restaurants. BTW I'm suffering waist expansion from food at the moment too.

    1. Thank you Anna. Black with red lips is indeed a classic evening look. My expanding waistline is not so classic. Nice to hear I'm not suffering alone! And yes, a stroll along a pier at dusk does make a nice amuse bouche!